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3 week old FST Dominator - two cracks in deck from foot pressure

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  • 3 week old FST Dominator - two cracks in deck from foot pressure

    Hello all,

    I bought a 6'4 FST Dominator 3 weeks ago (my first Firewire and first epoxy) and have been thoroughly enjoying the performance of the board until discovering that there are two cracks in the deck due to pressure from my feet/heels.

    I've created foot indents on PU boards before but have never cracked the surface. I was really disappointed to discover these as the main reason that I opted for FST was because of it's purported strength.

    Two questions:

    * has anyone else experienced similar cracking in the deck so early?
    * What is the brand new weight of the FST Dom 604? I want to weigh the board to see if it's let in water?

    Many thanks in advance for any advice/help.

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    My dominator 6'0 weighs about 2.5kg w/ tail pad but w/o fins and leg rope. The 6'4 would be close. Got a photo? I am very curious, I'm not a real foot stomper so hardly ever foot impressions on my PU boards let alone epoxy boards and I'm no lightweight either at 90+ kgs.


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      Yeah, pics will be a pod idea to see what we are talking about!!
      My boards all have developed footwells since I'm a heavy footed surfer,in fact is mostly toe dents. Pretty happy with it since it allows me to sit on the sweet spot with ease. In my case I have never experienced cracks on the deck.
      Again if you can please post some pics.


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        Thanks for your replies. Here's the photo:



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          There must be water in there,first and foremost let the board dry through...take your time,this is the most important step. After that is an easy fix.
          My 1st question is did you buy the board new or used??.


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            I've gone through 9 FW's and have never experience that.


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              Yes, I bought the board brand new on the 14th of December 2011 from a shop just outside Sydney for $920 AUD.


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                The guys should be back to work from the Christmas/New Year break any day now so they'll get you taken care of.
                If you want to shoot an email to Chris with a link to this thread, proof of purchase, the boards serial number and any other info about the board and he'll be able on top of it more quickly.


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                  Hey Bleeping Tom,
                  Have you emailed me? Can you do so if you haven't already and I'll get you in touch with the AUS crew.

                  Thanks again.


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                    Thank you all, I will email now.