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  • Help with Dominator size

    Hi guys!

    Im new in here. Im 28, from Portugal.

    Im looking forward to buy my first Firewire and the choice falls on the Dominator. I have the opportunity to buy a 2nd hand 58 or an almost new 510 but this last one is a bit more expensive. This will be to surf small waves from knee to head height.

    My favorite board was a JS nitro 510 x 19 1/2 2 3/8 which had 28.4 L so I guess the 58 would be ok. Im 511 with 86kg and a good shape and paddle.

    Nevertheless never tried the dominator before. What do you recon? Im afraid 58 will be short and not so easy to drop in mushy waves. My only goal is to have fun..

    Thanks in advance

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    To be honest at 86kg I'd have put you on a Dom between 5'10" and 6'2", so the 5'8" seems short to me. But if you're comfortable with that volume, go for it. I'd suggest though the longer length for sure, which I'd think would be the lower end of the suitable range for your weight.


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      Thank you buzzy! Its a shame I can't try them both and check which one suits me better. Not sure if the 510 has too much volume.. Guess Ill have to choose one and try it. ;)


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        Hey JTiago,

        I started on a 5'10" Dom and have just traded down to a 5'8". I use it as my grovel board from ankle to waist high weak/onshore waves.

        I weigh about 6/7 kg less than you and my normal shortboards are around 6'2" x 2 3/8 x 18 3/8 and 28L.

        The 5'10" Dom, for me, was a lot of board - especially in the tail. I wanted something that didn't feel like I was climbing onto it and "riding", rather than surfing. With the 5'8" you lose a tiny bit of paddling speed (mostly I think as a function of length) but gain a heap of response. I guess you'll need to weigh up which is more important to you.

        I've had a few trips to Portugal and am down there again in a few weeks, and in my experience of the waves in the SW part of it, even on mushy days, I'd rarely ride the 5'10" Dom if I had it with me. Just more board than I needed.