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  • Where to go from here?

    I made a new thread in the sweetP forums but nobody answered so i though id bring it here.

    as many of you might know, i own a 6.4 dom(currently at home in the Caribbean). im going to portugal this smmer-late summer and im going to buy myself another board for the 4weeks of surf and to keep here in europe incase i visit somewhere on this side of the planet!

    my problem is that i dont know what to get. the dom is the perfect board for me. never had such a great time surfing as i have with the dom, although it may be slightly to large for me(could have gone with a 6.2 or maybe even a 6.0)(92kgs top fitness young). i believe that a 6.2 would be the perfect match for european surf as ive ridden the dom in well overhead clean conditions all the way down to fat gutless waves. my problem is, unfortunately, that i dont want to buy another dominator. its hard to explain, but its more or less futureproofing(maybe in 10 years when my life has settled down, i would ship my carib DOM to me...whats the point of having 2 then...right?) hope you understand what i mean :/

    so my deli-ma is this...which direction do i go? more hiperformance or stoke? or do i take a similar board to the dom?

    the sweet P has always interested me, as i love the natural, soft look the board gives(hence i got the dom), and ive always wanted to go extremely short(thinking 5.4 sp?). i believe that this board would give me a great time in portugal as in summer, most waves are smaller and weaker. unfortunately, it will make surfing the better swells a bit of a struggle...
    moving up, something like a spit or hellfire would also do me well. my surfing has progressed so much as to the point where i sometimes wished i had a sharper rail or more rocker than the dom when surfing some of our best home breaks. i sometimes felt that the dom was a bit stiff(could be due to size)... this could work in both direction...small and large swell
    moving up again, i land at the hiperf boards. the unibrow catches my eye. backfooted surfer, and once again nice curves and a natural organic shape interest me alot. ofcourse, this is more hiperf than the dom, and far beyond the sweet P, but having this board could mess up my holiday if the swell doesnt pump...

    sweetP: +small waves (more often)+fun+shorter -better waves(might get sketchy)
    spit/hellfire/smaller dom: +great reach(big and small swell)+move hiperformance than the sweetP+still fun -i own one already(moral conflict)
    unibrow/hiperf:+good/big waves+great surfing(again, according to swell) -bad lower end

    something tells me to take the sweet potato and muscle it out....but then might get boring/ i wont get better...

    what would you do? please bare in mind my inner conflict with buying another dom(although if 20 people said its the wisest decision, id probably get one...)

    sorry for the longggg post. needed to let it out somewhere....

    thanks for any help in advance.

    p.s just found out that my father could bring my dom to me for 75 euro with condor from the caribbean. intotal it would cost me 150 euro to get it into portugal and another 75 back i just buy a new board in port or bring mine with me?
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    i've say another dominator, or a unibrow. i think you'd sell your sell short with just a sweet potato. it certainly wouldn't be my choice for a 1 board quiver even for the UK summer.


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      I'd say Unibrow for sure. It will give you a much bigger range. Probably the 6'4".


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        Yea i just checked out some summer surf pics and vids ans some of those beachies look sweet! What board is more suited for sucky beachbreaks? how does the unibrow compare to the hellfire?

        Such a shame the is no unibrow forum!! (knocking my elbow in chris' direction ;P)