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  • Dominator CBD question

    This question goes to the 'expert' guys...
    I had a 6'2" dom. stock dims and volume. Liked it, but felt it was some what clunky / chunky for me (loved the flex)
    i want to shave few liters(+/-) off and maybe refine the rails bait. Stay at the ~36lit vol.
    The question is what CBD dims would you suggest?


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    I'd thin if down a 1/16", that'll give you some more rail sensitivity, pull in the nose a little to free it up more coming off the bottom on a steeper face, the tail too if you want, and maybe reduce the centre width a touch if you need to shave off any more volume.


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      Hey prjwebb , thanks!
      soo you'r saying to start from a 6'2" and shave off from there...?
      btw i am not getting the new vol. on CBD after applying changes to nose width, thickness etc...


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        it won't calculate the new volume until you create the pdf for the new board. it's too complicated to do in that interface.

        If you're happy with the length of a 6'2 then that's the best place to start, but if you want to drop an inch or two you can lose volume that way.
        I'll have a little play in the CBD in a bit because I'm not sure on the volume of a 6'2 dom and what is needed to get it down to 36l.


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          Than you! much appreciated.
          I will do the same.


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            I've taken the 6'2, narrowed the nose width down -025" and taken the thickness of the board down to 2.5". That gives you 36.26l volume.
            Looks like a nice outline with the pulled in nose and the reduction in thickness will give you more sensitive rails and potentially a slight increase in the flex.

            What sort of thickness do you usually ride? If 2.5" sounds a bit thin you could go 2.56" and shave a touch off the centre width.


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              2.5" is as thin as i would go. I am 6'3" at 195lb (200lb in winter w/ 5/4 mil) so typically 2.5" thick is on my step-up board.
              I CBD'd a 6'1" x 20.75" x 2.56" (-0.125 nose & -0.125 tail) and got 36.43L vol. (i like float, so no issue going up in volume..)
              Loving the CBD tool. They should have it for more models (then they currently have), though im guessing it's expensive