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HELP! is the dominator my magic board?

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    Hey maika,
    I would say it totally depends on ability. If you are a competent surfer and you want a highly versatile board, then I would say the Spitfire is a great option. It works in small surf as well as decent surf. The Potatonator sounds like its going to be suited for smaller waves than what you are looking to ride your board in. The vanguard is also a great option, but it a very unconventional shape so I am not sure if it should be the one board that you guy.

    What boards do you currently ride?



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      I've been surfing for like 5 years, i have a decent surf i do some normal airs, i can said i'm like intermediate/advanced.

      Now i'm using a LOST SCORCHER 6.0 x 18.75 x 2 3/8 and looks like work better when the condition of the waves are good and medium to up. But when the waves are kind of fat it's not that awesome, feels like need more volume when that happen.

      I just want a board really with a lot of speed, for all condition, with performance, for small waves and little overhead


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        For the conditions you describe, I'd say go for a Dominator or Spitfire to get the most bang for your buck. I ride my 5'8 Dominator in 2-6' surf as a quad and it's extremely versatile.

        I actually owned the 5'6 Potatonator for a week and sold it because I preferred the Dominator (and Vanguard). The Potatonator is insanely quick out of the gate - I could have sworn that I was on one of those Wave Jet boards or something. However, it took a bit of focus for me to smoothen the ride out; I felt like it was more unruly than the Dominator (meaning that it wasn't as smooth and was more prone to stop/go if your feet were in the wrong position). Being 6'3, I also prefer the longer rails of the Dom - it just suits my surfing better. That being said, the Potatonator is an amazing board, and I still had a ton of fun on it and got some great waves. However, the Dom was a more "zen" experience for me; I just instantly clicked and everything felt effortless.

        I preferred the Vanguard to the Potatonator as well haha (surfed them in same session). I found the Vanguard much easier to ride (more stable, more flow) than the Potatonator. The Vanguard did have a unique feeling (something special in the lift department), and the overall setup felt very balanced on the wave (Potatonator felt more vague and floaty). Waves were only 2-3, and I had to work Vanguard harder to get it up to speed, but I had much more control when up and running. The Vanguard would be better in waves with a bit more push, but I was still able to surf it successfully and have a lot of fun (ran it as quad).

        I've been thinking of the Vanguard non-stop after that session though. I'm going to demo it again this weekend, and my quiver will probably end up as 5'8 Dominator FST and 5'6 Vanguard FST for now.

        If you go for the Dom or Spit, try the Futures R1 Rusty's (I use a nubster too). Unreal setup.


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          yeah good call scotty


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            Chris, are you going to be at the demo days this weekend at River Jetties? I'm super pumped for it - hopefully the weather gets better haha


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              5'8" dominator in FST. Rapidfire is too fragile IMHO. Price difference is $50-$100 more for FST.