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    Hello All,

    Brand new to the forum and have a typical new board question.
    Tried to do all the reading on the old forums for a new board and have come down to a 5-6 or 5-8 Dom FST.

    I'm 5-6 150 lbs and intermediate. Have been on a long hiatus from surfing so riding a 6-2 epoxy retro quad fish right now....used to ride 5-10 x 19.5 x 2.25 performance hybrid.
    The fish is great but looking to get back into surfing a little more top to bottom on a wave again. I tend to surf off my front foot and want to try more off the back foot. Hard to surf this way with the big and wide tailed fish.

    Living on an island where there is a wide range of conditions. For the most part waves are knee to chest high on average with wind mush. Gets clean and head high maybe a dozen times a year and this is what I prefer to ride. I don't really see myself paddling out in double OH hollow reef stuff.

    Any advice on the board size and fin set up would be greatly appreciated!

    Located in the eastern mediterranean and so far have found boardshopuk to be the closest dealer. Any other suggestions on closer dealer to save on shipping would be appreciated. Shipping to an island is killer on shipping money!

    Thanks in advacne!

    Great forum BTW.



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    Hi Fishdent1,

    I would think the dom would go pretty well in the Med. BTW, where are you? Sardinia? I've seen some incredible pictures of waves there. Probably not east enough. I found the volume calculator pretty good on the Firewire product site, that will give you a good indication of the minimum and maximum volume for you. Given that it is the Med I'd be erring on the side of more volume, so if both the 5'6 and 5'8 dom were within the range of volume recommended I'd be going for the 5'8.


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      Thanks for the advice Slowman,

      Comparing from where I grew up (California) the swell frequency is much less for sure....but I'll take what i can get.....I think the Dom will maximize that for sure.

      Maybe a 5-2 SP later on to compliment the frequent mush we get.

      Yeah I was thinking the 5-8 would be a good choice....since I don't use my paddle muscles often I could use the extra 2 inches.

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        That said the 5'6" would have ample float for you.
        If you want max performance I'd def go 5'6", ease of use 5'8".


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          5'6" dominator/spitfire t
          5'2" potatoe
          That's the direction I would go to maximyze small wave potential


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            yeah i would definitely push you in the direction of the Dominator with waves you have as well. you'll get a lot more performance, plus if you keep your quad fish, you have a small wave and a good wave boards.


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              Thanks all!
              Definitely helps seal the deal on my decision....5_6 dom for sure with a 5-2 SP slated for the future.

              What a great forum!