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  • Future 375 Pivot Rears

    Has anyone tried Future Pivot Rears in general, and specifically on a Dominator? I tried the Stretch quad set (borrowed from a friend)- felt pretty good front side, tight backside. I bought WCT set and rode it as a thruster- felt pretty good- especially when the waves were good, but a little tight back side still. My thought is to keep the WCT front fins and try the Future Pivots on the back (not the Scimitar rear pivots- the regular ones) as a quad set up. I have the older style FCS H2 fins on my 5'4" SP and love them. I feel the pivot rears may bring a similar type of feel/performance. My Dom is 5'10". I am 5'9" and a very fit 180, been surfing 21 US East Coast beach break. Only surfed the Dom twice, but really like it....just need to find the right combination for me. Thanks....