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  • Looking to step down...

    based on my weight (230lbs) and hight (6'3") and the fact that I had not surfed in a few years, I decided to get back into it on an Addvance 706.

    I like the board in that it has allowed me to regain my confidence.

    I am now looking for something with a bit more performance and more suited to my size.

    More info: I surf in Southern Calif. usually beach breaks.. 2 to 5 feet. I am 42 years old with average fitness.

    Am I correct in thinking that an optimal step down board from the Addvance is the Dom?? What is recommended?

    What size would you guys recommend based on my stats?

    Many Thanks!


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    Hi D, welcome aboard happy new year! I think a dom would be a great board for your situation, probably in a 6'6.


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      Yeah I agree. 6'6" or 6'8" depending on preferences. If possible demo before you buy so you can refine the length.


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        Yeah I agree with these guys, but I might push you up into the 608 or 610 range. One of the guys in the office loves the 608 and he is about your size. He surfs a lot so he is pretty comfortable on lower volume boards. Given that you are stepping downward, you might like having a little added float over the 606.

        Cheers and hope this helps.