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Can't decide Dominator or Spitfire?

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  • Can't decide Dominator or Spitfire?

    Dominator or Spitfire? I have the HF, Stealth, SP, & MD. Has anyone tried the Chubby Chedder? If so, give some feed back. What kind of deck does the HR have? Flat or dome?

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    Out of the 2 in the heading: spitfire. It turns a bit quicker and if the tide drops and the waves get quicker and more powerful the tail will hold better. My dom used to jump out if I wasn't careful once things started to get a bit hollower. Also it seems to be a better match with the HF. You can jump between the 2 seemlessly.


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      I'm with slowman on this one!! the spitfire if your conditions are a bit hollow. The dom will go really well of fatter waves


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        I'll go against that. I say Dom. You already have heaps of boards covering conditions when waves get a bit hollower. As it is I've not really noticed the Dom lacking on small to medium hollow conditions - its organic shape seems to fit in a hollow pocket pretty well. When it gets a touch bigger the MD and HF in particular already have you amply covered.

        Indeed, given you have the medium wave range so well covered with your existing quiver have you thought about getting a board even more focused on small days such as the Potatonator?

        I haven't ridden a Chubby Chedda but it looks good as a modern high performance small wave board. It strikes me as likely to be a board you'd need to work more than say a Dom or Spitfire or Potatonator.

        For me, I'll be looking closely at the Unibrow when it's released as a possible Dom replacement. For me the "weak point" in the Dom isn't it's rail shape, it's the flat nose rocker. That makes straight late takeoffs on steeper waves more difficult. I'm going to be curious to see whether in addition to adding some length to the Unibrow over the Dom they also increase nose rocker. If they do and it's otherwise fairly close to the Dom dimension wise I may well see it as a Dom small wave replacement. I know that isn't strictly its niche but if I could get my Dom two inches longer and 1/8" thinner and with more nose rocker it would be likely to be a better all round small wave board for me.


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          based on your current boards...why not the Potatonator?? It's a great board for knee to overhead (max). Chubby Chedda looks like a good one too!



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            I'm aswell asking meself which board will do me right the Spitfire or the Dominator. I'm nothing more then an average surfer trying to get many rides and will be able to progress fairly quick as soon as i get those rides in. I get the impression when reading the forumposts that the boards are just the same only with the Spitfire having the additional bite to it cos of the diamant shaped tail and thinned out rail.
            Is it only obvious to take the Spitfire or is this average surfer better of with a Dominator?
            Plus i'd like to know whether to take the rapidfire one and why choose that over the other one.

            By the way, i'm 190 cm tall and about 82 kg of weight.

            i mostly surf in Europe and my home break is in the inconsistent Netherlands.

            I currently surf a Tokoro Resin8 5'8 quad fish and that goes pretty well.

            My thoughts lean towards the spitfire or dominator 5'10 ..

            Plz share your thoughts.
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              The differences between the Dominator and Spitfire are very negligible. Either way, you won't be disappointed. Just go with the one that attracts the most. Careful though, you may conclude that you no longer need or want to surf half of the boards that you own.


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                Hah, the spitfire tail is a nice addition for someone looking to go a little more square off the bottom, but they are both designed for similar wave conditions.