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  • Usual size/board enquiry

    Hi Guys,

    I am a beginner surfer, I've been putting quite alot of time in recently but am still definitely a beginner. I can get on a high percentage of waves that I attempt and ride across the face on most occasions. I can trim but cannot carve turns. I am currently using a 7' 6 Softech board with FCS G-5 fins, obviously as a soft top board it has a lot of volume so I am not sure how to judge my level of surfing on a regular board. I have tried my mates 8ft malibu and do not have any problems catching waves on this. Anyhow, if anyone can offer advice on the following questions it would be greatly appreciated,

    1) As stated I surf a 7 6 Softech board ( I believe they are FCS owned), I emailed them asking for the volume of this board to enable me to know what size board to transition to. I have not received a reply. Would anyone have an estimate of volume of this board?
    2) I was almost convinced I would purchase a 7 2 Addvance but after continued reading of this site I was thinking maybe the 6 10 instead as it seems the general concences that with a good level of fitness the 7 2 would be 2 much volume. I weigh 82KG at 5 ft 10. I do not want a board that I outgrow in 6 months but at the same time I do not want a board that I am not catching waves on. What do you guys think?
    3) Final question, one of my collegues has now thrown the Dominator into the mix. He reckons that a 6 8 Dom would be sufficiant for me but I am not convinced, I think the 6 10 would even be a push for me. The volume calculator puts me at min 58 and max 64 if I use beginner prefix. if I use beginner/intermediate it is 46min and 54 max. What do you reckon?

    Thanks in advance

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    I'd say the Addvance would be a better transitional board than an oversized Dominator. It's also make for a nice small wave board as you progress onto something smaller too.


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      yeah i agree here. the advance probably makes a little more sense for you.


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        Thanks for taking the time to reply. Would you advise the 7 2 or 6 10 for me guys?

        Thanks again


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          Even the 6'6" is plenty of foam for you!. But if you wanna play safe the 6'10" will keep you having fun and improving for quite a bit