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Decided on a 600 Dom but going to get 2 boards, thinking either Hellfire or Alt?

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  • Decided on a 600 Dom but going to get 2 boards, thinking either Hellfire or Alt?

    So originally I was going to get a 600 Spitfire and use that as my all round board but have realised with a year of travelling ahead, 2 boards will be a better option.

    I'm 24, 5'11" and 76kg's. I would put myself at a low intermediate level after surfing for about 3 years on and off. The board I'm surfing at the moment is a 608 7S superfish with 43ltrs volume (feels like an absolute boat).

    For the next 4 months I'll be surfing UK winter waves so thinking the Dom will be good for most situations. Around March time I'm heading around Europe for 3 months surfing Marocco, Portugal, France, and Spain and then after that will be off to WA for the foreseeable future with a week a month spent in Indo inbetween work shifts. Will be surfing waves from waist high to double overhead on occasion.

    So I'm looking for a 2 board quiver that is going to do me well for the next 12-18 months and am torn between a Hellfire or Alternator as the second board. From what I've read, the Hellfire seems like it will be closer in feeling to the Dom than the Alt would, so has me thinking they would be a better pair to have at my low level. But is there 2 much of a crossover between the 2 boards and would an Alt be a better choice for the bigger hollower waves? I'm just worried that there will be too big of a jump between the Dom and the Alt that I will just end up riding the Dom all the time.

    What do you guys think is the best option for me, board and size wise? I was thinking 604 Alt or 602 Hellfire?

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    I surf the Dom and Alt. in all seriousness the Alt is the perfect next step up from the Dom. I have no issues whatsoever moving between the two. For me the Alt is one of my classic all time boards. Top 3 or 4 boards ever.

    At 76kg though I'd suggest looking at a 6'2" or even 6'0" Alt. 6'2" is probably the right size given your experience and head space.


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      I'd go 510 Dom, 602 Alternator


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        Awesome, thanks for the replies. I've managed to pursuade myself down from a 604 Dom to a 600 so far, the difference between a 600 and a 510 in volume is very little so maybe I will go for that. I can't help but think it's going to be way too short for me, but what is the point of coming on here and asking for advice if I'm not going to listen :)

        Buzzy, what size Dom and Alt do you ride and what are your stats/ability?


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          I'd be going with the 6'2 HF it is a remarkable board. IMHO a much better board than the alt, which is a stable kind of solid performer but nothing out of the ordinary. For a while I had a dom and HF but I ended up getting a spit to use instead of the dom, it could handle a bit more size and surf in the pocket better.

          As suggested you could downsize both boards.


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            What would the pro's and con's be of the Alt vs HF?

            Just out of interest what height and weight are you as you own 4 boards I've been interested in also in similar sizes?


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              Hi, I'm 90kg, 47 years young, been surfing around 34 years and intermediate in ability. I have a 6'4" Dom and 6'8" Alt. both suit perfectly, particularly when I'm a bit unfit. At proper surf fitness though I'd probably be better one length down on each. I may also be dropping to 88kg when I'm propey fit.


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                Sorry to confuse you when I said you own four of the boards I'm interested in, I meant to ask that question to Slowman lol. Thats what happens when I post just after waking up before work I guess lol! Good to hear your views on the Dom and Alt, it seems like a real popular combo!


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                  No worries. You asked for my stats as well!


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                    What sort of wave size/quality do you use each board in?


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                      The changeover point is around head high. I use the Dom in everything above knee high. It suits waves with a bit of push, and a pocket to work in. I feel it works best in Almond shaped waves (ie almond style tubes), not when it's really hollow. Indeed, that probably describes the Alt's ideal wave shape too. Both have a broader range than that of course. I can't think of any conditions where they don't work.


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                        Sounds like a pretty sweet combo! I've not got the balls for anything too massive so those 2 boards should cover me for everything.


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                          Completely. Have fun. FireWire does amazing boards - you'll love them.


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                            Originally posted by YellowSurfBus View Post
                            What would the pro's and con's be of the Alt vs HF?

                            Just out of interest what height and weight are you as you own 4 boards I've been interested in also in similar sizes?
                            YSB, I'm 6' (183cm) and 90kg. I have been surfing for around 45 years.

                            Hmmm, pros and cons, alt v hf

                            5 fins
                            nice and loose
                            handles steep waves
                            handles up to 2 x overhead
                            can also be ridden in fuller waves
                            can also be ridden in small waves down to waist/thigh height
                            doesn't like big lumpy waves it starts to get skatey

                            seems fast enough getting into waves
                            also handles steep waves
                            it feels solid in up to 2 x overhead
                            needs some juice to get going
                            doesn't really like flat sections
                            not all that loose
                            not all that versatile

                            I'm sort of biased I prefer the HF! I surf my HF as a quad with a very tiny stabiliser.


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                              We all have different experiences on boards - if we didn't we'd all be surfing the same model. And I fully respect Slownan's observations. But I haven't found the Alt to be stiff at all. I find it loose. Nor have I found it lacking versatility. If I surfed every day it would be my daily driver without a shadow of a doubt. Sadly my less than optimal fitness sees me needing the crutch of a hybrid in small to average conditions (like most mortals). But 100% if I was surfing everyday (and ergo surfing more consistently toward the upper end of my skill range) for me, the Alt would be it.

                              What I find with Firewires is the flex of itself is a major performance advantage. I'll never forget my first major turn on a FireWire. It was like "what the"...? I just got a turbo boost I'd never experienced before.