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Thruster Set Up on 604 Dom

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  • Thruster Set Up on 604 Dom

    With your guys' help I bought a 604 Dom about 6 months back. I love this board the majority of the time in our S. Florida waves with a quad set up. The board reacts amazingly and catches a ton of waves. It's definitely the correct board for me.

    The past two good hurricane swells we've gotten though have got me a bit discouraged. When the waves have gotten about head hight and hollow(er) I'm having an impossible time catching waves. I'm looking for a little advice on maybe switching to a thruster set up or do I just maybe have the wrong board for those few times per year when we get bigger waves? Should I keep the quad but go to a tighter fin all together.

    I'm riding the Rusty 5 fin mediums right now which are loose. I'm 6'2' 205.

    Thank you all for the advice in advance.


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    I'm 90kg (approx 200 lbs) and surf a 6'4" Dom. I find the board goes great up to and over head high, but the more hollow it is at that head high mark the less well it goes. It definitely "goes" though. It surfs fine in head high hollow waves...just not as well as my Alternator or Futura.

    Not so long ago I tried my Dom in. Quad setup. I thought enough of it I pulled out my GAM thrusters and put in PC7 thrusters instead. The rationale here is I could move more easily between a PC7 quad and thruster set up by adding in QPX trailers. But here's the thing - the small wave speed of the quads came with a huge loss of control as the waves got even much above waist high. My first forehand bottom turn on a chest high wave the board just complete spun out as I was doing a big standard bottom turn which would be no dramas on the same board on a thruster.

    So this is a VERY long winded way for me to say a thruster set up will definitely expand the range of the board. I personally really like the GAM and PC7. I prefer the GAM but there isn't a world of difference between them.

    If you think you'll be surfing head high to 2x head high not infrequently I'd suggest considering a second board. Don't get me wrong, the Dom will suit up to 1.5x overhead fine - just some other boards will be better suited to those conditions. I think an Alternator is THE perfect step up from a Dom. 6'8" or 6'6" would be ideal. Alternatively a Mini Driver might be worth looking at.

    For my money though I'd add some GAM thrusters and condider adding an Alt to the quiver.



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      Buzzy -

      Thanks for the advice. Pretty much what I needed to hear.

      We don't get any waves of qaulity here over head high more than two or three times per year. Plus I'm not trying to be a hero - just want to catch a ton of waves.

      Thanks again for the advice - off to buy new fins...


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        yep, i jumped on the 604 while a guy demo'd my boards...i'd ride a 508 dom but enjoyed the easy ride for a change...thruster 7's went perfect in it...