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New Dominator , 1st Firewire.

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  • New Dominator , 1st Firewire.

    Just a quick "Hello" ...

    Great forum...After talking with a few guys on FW at the local break I picked up a 5'8" Dom FST. So of course it went flat and I caught a cold. The boys had nothing but good things to say,but I have to admit I was hesitant as a longtime custom PU proponent. (we have all heard the "arguments") I'm just tired of going through boards right when start to love 'em...$$$$ .I never really took the time to look a FW notch quality ,no doubt. My local shop gave me a great deal and I can't wait for the upcoming swell .

    Take care,

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    Good first FW ,The Dom has a bit of magic about her as you will find out shortly , enjoy


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      I definitely has the magic touch that one!!!. I remember my first FW was the flexfire which I could not ride to the real first one I got to use was the HP quadfish... good memories on that one, right after came the dominator and from then on all the other ones