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  • Maximum Dominator Size

    I am still at learning stage and Addvance 606 is the good board for me for now.

    However, at our local beach, it is very difficult (almost impossible) to go out with Addvance when waves get higher than chest because I cannot duckdive quickly enough with the board. (There always is a section with 3-4 waves with very short intervals.) A very good surfer there tried with Addvance and he found it very difficult even for him.

    I am 6 feet tall and 170 pounds. What is the maximum size Dominator I can handle? I have a lot of mustles for my weight and I need volume at my learning stage.

    Please advise. Thank you!

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    At 170lbs I reckon 6'0" would be your max length in a Dom, with the optimum at this stage probably being 5'10".

    You may want to consider though a board with a slightly higher upper range than the Dom such as a Hellfire or Mini Driver. One of those boards at 6'0" would be ideal, particularly if you were planning to hang on to the Addvance for a while longer.


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      Thank you for your response.

      I don't think I have confidence that I can handle performance boards. That is why I picked up Dominator becasue I thought the board has more stability and ease of use, next to Addvance. I believe volume/stability help a lot at my stage. Addvance should be the right board but I need a board with less volume for quicker duck dive. (Otherwise I cannot go out with Addvance at our beach when waves are high/good.)

      What are disadvantages if I use slightly larger size dominator? (6'0" or 6'2") It sounds Dominator should be the next board after Addvance. Do you think Hellfire or Mini Driver will do for the step up purpose? If so, what are the best sizes for me?


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        Ok, a Dom at 6'0" would be 20.5" wide and 2.5" thick, with a volume of 34.8.

        A Hellfire at that length is 20" wide, 2.5" thick and 31.9 litres. At 6.2" it is 20 1/4" 2 1/2" and 33.7 litres volume.

        The MD at 6'0" is 19.5" wide and 2.5" thick, with a volume of 30.5 litres. At 6'2" it 20" wide 2 5/8" thick and 33.9 litres.

        Definitely the Dom will be most forgiving. That's mainly based on its organic shape and greater width. It will be absolutely fine for you.

        However, the Hellfire is pretty close in width (0.25" narrower at 6'2"). In my view it will have sufficient foam for you at 170lbs, and will offer a broader performance range than the Dom. The Dom is a very good board though...there's a reason I own one!

        I would steer you away from a 6'2" Dom though. At your weight I just think it will be too big. That's a board I would surf at 200lbs. Sure, I might be more experienced than you but I'm also most likely older and less flexible, so that evens things up somewhat!

        So my exclusion I'd suggest choosing between the 6'0" Dom or a 6'2" Hellfire. If you are young (say under 25) I'd push you toward the HF without hesitation. If you are below 40 it's probably an each way bet. Over 40 definitely transition through the Dominator.


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          Thank you for your quick response.

          I think I will buy Dom considering my age based on your advise. BTW, I read some of the threads about Dom vs Addvance and could not truly understand how this volume thing works... Lots of experts here recommend Addvance for beginner and beginner/intermediate surfers (and maybe veteran/transitional surfers). It seems usually they recommend 6'6" Addvance (48L) or 6'0"/6'2" Dom (35/38L) for 170 lbs surfer. To us, it looks too much a gap between 48L and 35/38L though we somehow understand difference in shape between the two boards. (Therefore I felt/still little feel hesitation to buy 6'0" Dom. 6'2" sounds much better for my level just in my image.) Could you show little more explanation on this? (Difference between 6'6" Dom and 6'6" Addvance, though they have similar volume.) That would be appreciated.

          Also, please recommend fins for 6'0" Dom for me. Many thanks!!


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            From what I've seen of the Addvnce it's volume is more tapered to the rails and tail than a Dom. The Dom is quite chunked up. I think for an older guy an Addvance will offer, oddly, more performance than a Dom of a similar volume simply because in many senses its a more refined shape with a broader performance application. The Dom's performance suitablility is much more sensitive to appropriate volume, imho.

            I guess the main thing to know is whether your board has sufficient volume it's easy to paddle around the flats and into a wave. I truly think the 6'0" Dom has ample volume. I know that's a lot less than the Addvance's volume but, honestly, it's more than adequate. The only way you can really get comfort around that though is to demo. Is there somewhere you can demo a Dom or SPitfire?


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              Oh, sorry, so far as fins are concerned the PC5 is a good neutral bet in quad or thruster configuration (I prefer thruster).


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                thanks a lot buzzy!!

                I agree totally, in the developmental stages of the sport, the Dominator is a better option than the Mini Driver...


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                  Thank you for your advise! I think I can buy Dom with much more comfort since I know the board should be good for me. (So I have to blame my poor skills, not the board...)

                  Taking this great opportunity, I would like to make one last question. I think I am buying Dom 6"0" with PC5 thruster. (I heard thruster is better for a learning stage - Correct me if wrong.) Also, I would like to replace my second hand old fins for Addvance 6"6" with new ones. Would appreciate your advise/recommendation based on my stage and weight, etc.

                  Thank you!


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                    I haven't surfed an Addvance so I'm not well placed to give advice on fins for it. Cuttlefish has ridden one and is good at putting words to his experiences, so hopefully he sees this and gives some advice. For me though I think if a board is bigger or more overvolumed for a particular weight, then bigger fins become worthwhile. Then again, I surfed a Miller Powerglide at 7'2" x 22" x 2 7/8" (quite high volume) with standard M5 fins and it was fine. So I think probably a mid size template would probably be fine. Since you are already getting some PC5's maybe consider another mid size fin such as a K2.1 or K3, or any number of other FCS sins designated as "medium".