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Right size Dominator for me??? Fins?

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  • Right size Dominator for me??? Fins?

    Hi Forum,

    I live in so cal, mainly surf Bolsa Chica where it ranges from 1'-3' mushy summers to 6' clean winters. I have been trying to transition from longboard to short. I went from my noserider log, to a 7'6" addvance, and moved on to a beat up used 6'8" Tuflite Al Merrick Flyer. I can now get by just fine on this, riding the face, pumping up and down the wave and cutting back once in a while but I am a weak paddler and can only get in the water on weekends.

    I loved how the 7'6" Addvance was a great transition board which was my gateway to a new found love for surfing a shorty. I heard much praise about the Dominator so I would like to go back to Firewire.

    So forum, what size board and fins would you recommend?? I am 31, 5'10", 170 lbs give or take with weak arms. I have been surfing pretty much every weekend in the bolsa chica area for about 2 years now, I can catch the wave fine, pump up and down the face and cutback once in a while. Would love some feedback in size.

    Here are the specs to my flyer:

    6'8" x 20.5" x 2.88", 45L volume.

    Cheers guys and thanks for reading. I was thinking a 6'2" or 6'0".

    -Surf Ninja, Weekend Warrior.
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    I'd say your right on the mark with those sizes.


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      Potatonator 5'8" will be my call or the dominator 6'0". You will appreciate and get use of the extra volume in your specific case


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        I'd say 6'0" or 6'2" as you were contemplating.