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  • Please recommend me a Firewire


    I'm really keen to get a new board, love the whole Firewire vibe, though am considering my options!

    I'm pretty new to surfing, been doing it around 3 years, but only get to go 10-15 times a year due to location in UK.

    I'm an advanced level skateboarder and snowboarder (over 20 years experience), surfing wise I've been riding Mini Mals (7' 6" & 7' 3") and I get most waves I go for, and am starting to travel across the line both ways, though the waves I've been riding recently close out pretty quick.

    In the right waves (Sri Lanka) due to my skating experience as soon as I was up on the wave everything made sense and I felt totally comfortable, though this was a while ago and I didn't try to turn much.

    I'm from the UK, the waves we get are relatively small and usually messy, though planning a trip to Barbados later in the year.

    I'm 39, 82.5kg / 182 lbs, relatively fit.

    I've posted this in the Dominator section, but that's only because there wasn't a 'General' board sections, I would consider any Firewire.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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    Do you have any issues timing the wave? popping up?? going down the line?


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      A good introductory board which will go along the line would be the Addvance, the 6'6" will have you covered and will still be performant enough to help you progress fast. Once you grow on that one you could be moving towards spitfire/hellfire.


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        Originally posted by iggy View Post
        Do you have any issues timing the wave? popping up?? going down the line?

        I'm not sure 100% what you mean, I think my timing is ok, mostly due to skateboarding.

        What I do find is that when I ride the 7'6 Mini Mal I get waves way earlier, and tend to manage to ride down the wave more and go down the line higher up the wave.

        When i've tried shorter boards (6'4 for example) I manage to catch the wave fine, but get it way latter and find myself dropping in front of the wave and then trying to get around to the clean section.

        I do seem to progress a lot every time I go, can't lie though, my paddle fitness is terrible, due to at most I only get to go 2 weekends a month.

        I like the look of the Addvance, worried the 6' 6" might be a bit small, the Volume calculator had me at around 50L.

        Do you think the 6' 10 would be too big?


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          Anymore recommendations :)


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            I think the 606 or 610 Addvance will fit the bill perfectly.