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6.4? Dom or Spitfire? All round Board for 45years int 86+kilos

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  • 6.4? Dom or Spitfire? All round Board for 45years int 86+kilos

    Sorry for yet another 'what size' question! I have been surfing about 10 years although I donít get out much as I live in London. I try and get down to the coast(noth devon or cornwall) at least once a month and then in the holidays spend weeks down there. Im a young 45 years old and about 86 kilos. I am looking for an all round board. The problem I have is that I bought a 6ft dominator in the summer - Impulse! (even though I was really looking for a 6.2/6.4). It doesnít feel small but I struggle unless itís 4ft and clean and at my age I cant afford to miss too many waves!

    I was thinking to compliment it to get a 6.4 DOMINATOR OR SPITFIRE? Or is it possible that this new 6.4 will cover everything (unless its really small/really big)?

    By the way the times when the waves have been right the dominator has been awesome. The best board I have ever ridden by far.

    Any ideas?

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    Buy my brand new 606 Dom! Cash and carry (we are practically neighbors - well, 6,000 miles anyway). I made the same mistake in the other direction. I bought a 606 Dom that was just too floaty for me. My 604 is perfect for my 49 year-old 210 lbs (95 kilos) self. Good luck and glad to hear you love your 600 in proper surf. Cheers!
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      I'd suggest getting the 6'2", but if you do get the 6'4" it will be fantastic for you. Maybe ultimately ditch the 6'0" Dom and replace it with a 6'4" Mini Driver, or Futura, or Hellfire.


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        Cheers guys, thanks for the comments. Jealous of both of you - California and Aus! And Im stuck in a concrete jungle hundreds of miles from a wave.

        Id still like a bit of performance with my all round board choice and that is why I was wondering about the spitfire? I here its almost he same as the Dom but turns a little sharper? So Im thinking get a slightly bigger that necessary board say - 6.4 for wave count but with a little more turn to it? Does this make sense ? Or will the size just limit the turning ability too much. Then again should I just stick to the Dom as we do get weak sloppy waves a lot of the time in this part of the world?


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          In my limited experience, I would not recommend going big for wave count. Who cares if you catch them if you can't get the rail into the wave to ride it properly. That was my experience with the 606. Too floaty = poor performance. I catch just as many with my 604, but it rides a hell of a lot better. I consider myself an intermediate surfer, btw. If you want a bigger board for wave count, get a different design (Potato-nator).