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    Originally posted by Slowman View Post
    Sorry to hear that Fan. Go see Dr Lawrence Kohan (99 Spring St Bondi Jn)...that sure sounds like ol' Uncle Arthur to me (forgive the prose; I mean arthritis). He did mine and a bunch of triathletes I know, he's done 1000s and he's one of the pioneers of BHR and joint resurfacing in Oz. He recently received his PhD in correct alignment indication for BHR candidates. Many of these artharoplasties have failed and principally because the joint alignment was all wrong.

    Yeah rugby and other hard impact sports can leave their mark on your joints when you get older, that's for sure. I won't let my boy play rugby or league, he plays soccer now. Most of my friends that played soccer were still good runners in their older years and didn't seem to have any joint problems.
    I wont let my two sons play rugby either. One does trampolining and parcor and the other does MMA. If I had my time over I would have just surfed and left the rugby to the meat heads...but unfortunately I was one of them.


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      Fan, I should have said that a bit differently, what I meant was: of the BHR failures, many of them were due to incorrect alignment. I believe the failure rate is actually low though there was a particular brand prosthesis that was causing reactions and sickness because of the materials used.


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        Hi Oscar.
        I've changed the settings - hope it works now!


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          Hi Andreas,

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          Try this: At My Settings>My Account>General Settings>Messaging and Notifications---> Check Receive Email From Other Members. I wonder if that's what you did...

          Try again and let me know.




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            Hola Oscar.
            Me parece que no soy capaz de permitir que se me puede responder. Mandame un email al hamburger4master arroba gmail punto com.


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              This seems to have turned into the bad hip thread, i was researching quad fins for my 6'8" dom! but i have to throw in my 2 cents worth, i had a Birmingham replacement 8 years ago, after not being able to sit on my board without pain, and as Slowman stated, getting up was a mission. Any surfer with dodgy hips, go and do it, my right hip is perfect, the metal one, and it relieved the pain in my left hip and both knees! I rarely feel any discomfort, sometimes after a long walk i do, but surfing is fantastic, no restriction or un natural feeling. I am 54 and still doing turns on my 6'8" that i am very happy with. It is my winter board for real waves and wearing a wetsuit. I am still very tempted to get a potatoe family board for summer though. Still havent tried my Dom as a quad but i will. Good news today on new stem cell and glue treatment to repair cartiledge in bad knees.


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                Oscar i think you'll be great on the 604. keep in mind that you can always go smaller if you improve rapidly but it is best to have a board that will suit your ability at the start and will help you improve quickly.



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                  I got a set of plastic quad fins for my 6'8" Dom and have ridden it 3 times in waves ranging from overhead lefts to shoulder/head peaks, reef and sand. My advice to anyone, dont buy cheap plastic fins. You would think after 40 years of surfing i should know that plastic fins are rubbish. As for the performance of the board, i had moments of thinking this is great, to, im going back to 3 fins next surf! There is no doubt the board goes fast with 4 fins, and the control of turns in the lip, as in lip line floaters, is excellent, but, for a long time thruster surfer (i had a quad in the 80's) it is almost like you have to do different turns on a quad. Which isnt necessarily a bad thing, but there are moments on the wave that require a fast pivot under the lip, something a thruster will do well. I think that a quad will go well in small waist high waves, and suit a smaller board, a 6'8" is a big board for most people. I like the hexcore fins and also have a set of fcs UL7 fins. I have just put in a set of Kinetic Racing AI thrusters to try out in the dom. I have a 6'4" PN coming and i will use that board as a quad over summer, with better fins!


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                    For anyone looking to 'oversize' the Dominator, I can recommend considering the Addvance, it was my first 'short(ish) board and I can't recommend it enough.

                    It's a board you'll always have in your quiver too, for those lazy days.

                    The point being that the Addvance is designed to be ridden at high volume, where as the Dominator is designed to be ridden at the correct volume, so may not work as well oversized.

                    Don't go too big, the 6' 10" (mine) is HUGE :)