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Firewire delam???

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  • Firewire delam???

    I bought my 6'0 firewire dominator (#91764) used about 4 months ago. I let my friend ride it and he noticed the board felt 'soft' on the deck compared to his PU board. Mine is the FST built to fly model. I set down my board on carpet and gently stood on it and I noticed the board had more give than my PU board (which I also stood on gently right after). What can I possibly do>

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    You could bring it to an authorized Firewire repair centre and get it fixed. For sure the board sustained some damage and the board took water, was not let properly dry and that caused delam. At this point most probably vaccum bagging will be needed


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      Will the authorized repair shop fix it free of charge or will they bill me?


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        you'd have to pay unless it was deemed a fault with the board. being that the board is 2nd hand and no one knows what the board has been put through there's very little chance it won't cost you.
        are there any visible signs of damage or delamination on the board of is the foam under the deck area just compressed?


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          Aloha Firewire community-

          Just yesterday I noticed that I've got serious deck delam on my 6'0" Dominator, about 10 inches back from the nose. It was not preceded by any ding or impact, nor did it sit exposed in heat. I'm not sure of the age of this board, since I bought it off the consignment rack at the Wise Shop in San Francisco in November, but the board was completely clean - not so much as a scratch.

          I've just attempted to post a link to a 3-sec video I just shot of the extent of it but since i am new to the forum i was required to remove it. I can provide it on request.

          What are my options? I absolutely love this board but this kind of thing seems unacceptable to me. In my 20 yrs of surfing I've never had a board randomly produce an 8-10" diameter delam bulge. Please advise. I am now based in Northern Morocco.

          many thanks


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            your best bet is to email chris at with photos and explain the situation.
            that said, with it being a second hand board i'm not sure that there's a lot that can be done.