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  • Fins for me!

    Hey guys im looking to get a quad set of fins and still undecided after reading every thread I could find.

    I'm 6'1" 170lbs
    Riding a 5'10" dominator on fcs

    From what I've read the :
    fcs SF4
    Rusty R2
    ...Are good fins to go with.

    Im about an intemediate and I'm not sure which ones to get.

    Any help would be great!


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    I'm 90kgs/200lb I think R2s will be too big for you, maybe SF4s. I found the R2s loose in the dom but lacking drive until I added a stabiliser (5th fin), if you find the SF4s lacking a bit of drive then maybe the R2s or add a stabiliser.


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      K2.1 quad, SF4, medium SA25 could be worth a look too.
      Any medium thruster fronts with the SF4 rears are well worth trying.


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        Alright thanks,

        Which quads would be the best on my board in bigger surf( chest high and up). ??

        Also when would you use thrusters with the Dom?

        I have a set of thruster K3's I have yet to use.


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          When it gets towards head high the K3s might be fun at the front to add a little extra grip.
          I never really enjoyed my Dom as a thruster but really like the Spitfire as a thruster. Not sure why... I like the K3 thruster set in the Spitfire so could be worth a try in the Dom.


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            Anyone know if the TC aqualine quad is any good (I could get the 5 fin pack for cheaper haha)


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              I've seen good feedback on those. Fins are very personal so I'd say if you can get a cheap set go for it and if you don't like them you'll be able to get your money back and you'll learn what you do and don't like about them compared to other fins.