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    Its funny, one of my surf colleagues absolutely rips.

    I say colleague as we are good fast friends at this break but that's it, I don't see or hang out with him else where.

    He's got a Dom and does not like it. He surfs well on other boards, Roberts namely as that's the thing up here.

    So life is short, if the board keeps disappointing, sell. I would however keep with FW and try an EF.

    Nev had a great write up on the old forum;
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      Originally posted by Herzalot View Post
      Pretty good session at Middles (Trestles). Only Saw Mick and Pat O that I could identify, but lots of other unidentified surf royalty in the water at Lowers.

      I am catching waves just fine with the Dom and now have my foot placement where everyone says it should be (all the way back on the wedge of the tail pad). Ran it quad (Stretch L). I feel very solid and confident on the board, yet I still don't think this board gets around sections like my 6'2" CIS Fishcuit does. Maybe it's wave shape or wave selection, but even though I catch a lot of waves, I never get very long rides. All of my waves seem to be closeouts (yet others are finding longer sections to ride). I'm taking my Fishcuit down there today. Predicted 3-4' We shall see.

      I found when I first surfed the Dom it lacked drive and acceleration. I was comparing it to a flat rockered, dedicated small wave round square thruster, and that board had more "get up and go" in small waves without the need for pilot input. If I surfed on the Dom like I did on the other board it just felt slow and lethargic (although loose).

      I changed up some fins but probably more importantly changed how I surfed the board. My take on the Dom is to get the most out of it you need to be driving off the fins/rail pretty much constantly from turn to turn. If you wait for the flat rocker to give you acceleration then nothing happens. I suspect that the EF would give you a lot more initial speed from a first pump but I do find once you hit the bottom after that first top turn on the Dom you then carry all the speed necessary as long as you keep working it. My take is the Dom is a great pocket board, but not so ideal for long lined up walls. Luckily for me the Futura absolutely flys in those sort of conditions - so quick down the line.


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        Yea buzzy, the Futura is fast as hell.

        Lovin my EF though.

        Supposed to get 6-8' this week, gonna try the BP to see how she reacts.

        Will have my EF in the car in case.


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          Fuego love!!


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            I agree with the dom vs flat rockered board comparison. When the waves are weaker and smaller I don't feel as comfortable on my dom as I do on the sweet potato or my fish. I'm still learning how to generate speed with my back foot so the sp's natural drive and float help me generate that speed I need. I think if I were to take out the dom all the time I would eventually develop that speed generation ability in small waves but unfortunately the pnator has taken over. Again, the pnator helps me generate the speed I can't always generate on my own. The sp and pnator have really helped an intermediate 41 year old like me look good in small waves. When the waves have that punch and generating speed with my back foot is less of a factor, then the dom comes out and lights up. My best rides always come on the dominator in chest to head high clean surf. However, I have noticed recently that after a spring and summer on my sp and pnator I'm riding the dom and hellfire alot better, especially in smaller waves. I have to admit I do miss that fish type of board that just drives and glides but I'm on a mission to develop into a better short board surfer.


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              Good lord you people have a lot of boards! Love your stories though - keep 'em coming.