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Need help - 510 or 600 Dom ???

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  • Need help - 510 or 600 Dom ???

    Hey Guys,

    I have been going back and forth non-stop about which size Dom is best for me and could really use some advise. I am 31 yrs old, 5"10 170, a pretty new surfer (2 years), and in fairly good shape. Since I got my first turn ALL I want to do is get in the water surf anytime there is swell in the NE (mostly Rhode Island), and get in quite a bit. I have seen my progression move fast and I am really happy with that, but I am now looking for next step and want to get my hands on a Dom.

    I found a 508 SP on craigslist and love it. Such a wave catcher for the mushy days out here, but feel I could go smaller. I am hesitant though because I get so many rides and dont want to compromise that?

    I am looking at the 510 and 600 Dom and cannot figure out which is best for me? I want something that is suited to my growing but also something that I wont outgrow fast or something that will take me forever to finally get wired....

    Ideas? Suggestions?

    Thanks everyone!

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    The 510 will be perfect for you once you've settled into that size board and are confident, but the 600 will probably give you a much easier transition and faster progression. Tough call...


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      Originally posted by prjwebb View Post
      The 510 will be perfect for you once you've settled into that size board and are confident, but the 600 will probably give you a much easier transition and faster progression. Tough call...
      Thats how I feel! Leaning toward the 510. I know its a steeper learning curve but think I can get it. Anyone else have suggestions? 510 or 600?


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        @Blake, if you have been surfing 2 years consistently, you should bypass the Dom and go with a Spitfire or Hellfire. The Dom and Spit are basically the same with the exception of the tail and stepdown rails. Also, Spit holds better in the pocket and doesn't slide like the Dom...basically more high performance.

        I'm making the transition from longboarding. I'm 5'8", 170-175lbs, 35 years old, Intermediate, excellent fitness. The volume calc has me at 29 to 36 liters. I've only been shortboarding for a total of 3 weeks (1 week 5'6 SP, 1 week 5'10 Dom, 1 week 5'8 Spit). I surfed today in knee to head high waves and my spit wanted to do airs and floaters all the time...insane!!! If your waves are punchy and/or always big, i would recommend the 5'8, but if they are weak and messy, 5'10 would probably be better. Just don't go over 5'10. For the Hellfire, i would go with a 600.

        About the 508 SP, if you loved that size, imagine riding a 504!!! it will be even better!! I rode a 504 SP and a 503 BP and they were soooooooooo much fun!!!! My best advice for you is to use the Volume calculator as a is pretty good for us guys under 40 years old. However, I did hear guys 40+ complaining that it is not accurate for them...but don't quote me on that. haha.



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          I checked out the spitfire at the local shop over the weekend and think you might be dead on man. Volume wise, the spitfire is the same as the dom only with a diamond tail. Seems like the spitfire is simply the dom but with a bit higher performance. I think it only makes sense to get a spitfire.

          Thanks a lot for the advise....

          Anyone else have any input on the spitfire over the dominator?


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            Hey guys,
            Thanks for the good advice.

            Blake, i think the choice as to which board you go with is totally a function of the waves you are going to use the board in and where it falls in your quiver. As an example, the Dominator is one of my smallest wave boards so I tend to prefer that over the Spitfire because I want the best small wave versatility. If the Spitfire is being targeted as more of a better wave board, then you can argue it will serve you better than going with the Dominator. If you are looking for a better wave board, go Spitty, small wave versatility, go Dom.



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              Thanks a lot Chris,

              So I think I talked to you on the phone the other day and you are familiar with Rhode Island....

              Here is what I am thinking, I have a 508 SP (Going to get the 504 I think). I have that for small stuff up to waist high. Once it gets better out here I need the next board for my quiver. I decided I am going to get a 510. But my next question is should I get the dom or spitfire? Going to be used for waist to a bit overhead. Everyone is saying the spitfire has a bit more performance and bite (especially when it gets bigger) and paddles the same as the dom.

              Maybe get an alternator or something else when it gets bigger than that. 3 board quiver for RI?

              Suggestions? Thanks everyone for the help...


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                Since you have the SP to cover the smallest waves 1-2', I'd say go with a 5'10" spitfire for 2-4' and then something like a HZ, HF, MB, ALT for 3 or 4-8'. I think I'd lean towards a Hellrazor because they seem to handle smaller waves OK too and I have been surfing a Hellfire and it supposed to be a higher performance version of it.

                In my case my spitfire is my smallest wave board (or the dom) for 1-3' and I have a hellfire for 3-7or 8' and then a bigger board, but our east coast waves here are different to east coast US.


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                  Thanks Slowman...I noticed you have both a 6'0 spit and dom...which one do you prefer overall?


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                    Blake, I prefer the spit mostly but there are times when the dom seems to go a tad better perhaps in really small stuff and really full stuff. In the weaker stuff the dom seems to float over crumbling sections maybe a tad better. There isn't much in it, could be in my head. The spit definitely turns faster and tighter and won't spin out like the dom can, so for that reason I tend to ride the spit much more. I really think the difference in the small stuff is because the dom can't turn as tightly or quickly you tend to be less likely to overpower the wave with a turn and get left behind. On the dom it seems you flow with the wave more. Just a matter of being a little more conservative on the spit when it's small I think to avoid doing too big a turn and losing speed down the line. Once you dial back your ambitions the spit handles smaller waves too.


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                      I recommend the Spitfire...hands down lol!! The Dom is fun and all but slides out on critical sections and sometimes in the pocket. However, if you are riding mush all day...i guess the Dom would be better. Luckily i live in Hawaii :D

                      I tried the Sweet P, Baked P, Dominator, and Spitfire. I chose BP and Spitfire. BP for knee to chest high. Spitfire for waist high to over head, and Hellfire (future board) for head high to double overhead.

                      My Quiver:
                      5'3" Baked Potato, RapidFire, Futures Controller Quad
                      5'8" SpitFire FST, Scarfini FX3 thruster set


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                        Thanks Guys,

                        At this point I am thinking the Dominator for our generally weaker NE waves. I wish I lived in Hawaii BOI. I have the futures on my SP and LOVE them. But not sure what to put on the Dom. I guess the scarfini fins would also go well on the dom....


                        Thanks for all your guys help...I am much more informed on what is right for me. Boi...just so you know...once I get the Dom dialed in, the spitfire and/or hellfire is most certainly next on the list.

                        Can anyone else recommend a set of futures you like to use on the dom (thruster). Thanks again!


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                          Originally posted by Blake View Post
                          Thanks for all your guys help...I am much more informed on what is right for me. Boi...just so you know...once I get the Dom dialed in, the spitfire and/or hellfire is most certainly next on the list.

                          Blake, the next board after the dominator would be a hellfire to cover more waves and size (that is, the hellfire is an addition to the quiver). But be warned once you surf a hellfire you will find the dom's performance a bit slow in the turns (down the line speed is good) and want to replace it with the spitfire. That's how it was for me anyway.

                          So if you mean next board as in replacement, sure a spitfire would be up for consideration. The hellfire would be an addition.


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                            @Blake, I would recommend a quad set or quad with numbster/deviant instead for Dom. The tail of the Dom is pretty wide and thick...a thruster setup did not work too well for me. Scarfini is good but limited in selection. You can always take a vacation to Hawaii haha. Let us know what you eventually end up with, fin setup and ride experience.