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Dom or Potatonator?

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  • Dom or Potatonator?

    I asked about getting potatonator for beginner(2years)

    Iggy recommend Dom 6" for me,

    I thought more volume gives easier take off and paddle.

    How about getting 6" Potatonator instead of Dom.

    Sweet potato and Potatonator is not good for beginners??


    75kg 176cm 510 fish, 9" flexflight.

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    I'd go for which ever one appeals most and gets you excited to go surfing.
    That said, I think the Dominator would be the more versatile board and an over sized PN might struggle in head high conditions.


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      Wave condition is usually 2-3 and weak. Does DOM can handle 1-3 waves?



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        It can, but the Potatonator would handle waist high and below much better. Waist to shoulder they probably handle similarly. Over shoulder high the Dominator would have the advantage.
        If the waves are generally weak I think the PN would be a good choice.


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          I agree that the Potatonator would be a good choice. I think that you will find that the 6 footer has plenty of volume for your weight. As you already ride a 510 fish the board length will not be a problem. You might even find that you want to go a little shorter once you get the board wired.


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            Originally posted by Kevin Ko View Post
            Sweet potato and Potatonator is not good for beginners??
            It's not that it's not good for beginners, they're easy boards for beginners and "pure stoke" for every one else in small stuff.
            But can you really improve on a spud or wouldn't it be preferable to start on a more hybrid version (i.e. the Dom)? This is a genuine question, not a rhetorical one. I think a Dom would give you a fairly good waves counter and you won't be too disorientated when you upgrade to a more conventional shortboard for bigger stuff once you get better.
            I guess it comes to what is your goal while surfing? Chilling on your 1-3ft waves on weekends or tackle more and more waves, the bigger the better? By the way, where are you from Kevin?