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  • Just wanted to say thank you...

    I recently made a series of posts inquiring about what size Dom to get into and what I could expect from it in bigger surf. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on a 602 RF Dom and all I can say is thank you.
    Thank you for the great advice on sizing! Thank you for shipping the board so quickly! Thank you for making such an amazing board! This might be the single best purchase I have made in my life to date!
    I took it out for the first time this morning after recieving it on friday as we were lucky to get a 3-5'+ swell. Good shape, pretty clean, med swell here on Long Island. By far the best waves we've had all summer and I dont think I could have ordered a better day to take my new Dom out and it surpassed my expectations. BY FAR!!! Fast and stable but not too opinionated, great paddle power, easy to get on a rail, and amazing wave catching ability. I surfed better today in head high waves (on a board that I had never surfed before) than I ever have in my life! My confidence was soaring and so was my wave count! While I'm not selling my longboard anytime soon, I do see it getting very jealous over the next few months.
    Thank you Nev and Dan and the rest of the Firewire team on making such amazing product. If this is the future of surfing I cannot wait for tomorrow! You guys are awesome.
    I cannot say it enough- THANK YOU!!!


    btw- you can expect a some friends of mine to be hanging around your forum over the next few weeks. Expect to be shipping more boards to NY gentlemen. Job well done!

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    where is the like button!?

    Congrats to you! I am in the exact same situation as you. Bought the best board ive ever ridden after bugging the forum for weeks on end. This board really is something special and to be honest, if i snapped it tomorrow, id be back online ordering another within seconds. Couldnt be happier with the service Firewire has brought to me...

    Enjoy your new baby ;)


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      Nice one Bill, i'm feeling your stoke mate! Might have to have a sickie tomorrow and get the Dominator out! Yewwwwwwwwww!

      Enjoy it mate!


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        great to hear billd. this forum is 2nd to none in unbiased info and help. glad it went well for you and your board is working great.