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6' 8" Dominator, too big or too small?

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  • 6' 8" Dominator, too big or too small?


    I've been offered a 2nd hand Dominator FST in 6' 8"

    I'm pretty new to surfing, been doing it around 3 years, but only get to go 10-15 times a year due to location in UK.

    I'm an advanced level skateboarder and snowboarder (over 20 years experience), surfing wise I've been riding Mini Mals and I get most waves I go for, and am starting to travel across the line both ways, though the waves I've been riding recently close out pretty quick.

    In the right waves (Sri Lanka) due to my skating experience as soon as I was up on the wave everything made sense and I felt totally comfortable, though this was a while ago and I didn't try to turn much.

    I'm from the UK, the waves we get are relatively small and usually messy, though planning a trip to Barbados later in the year.

    I'm 39, 82.5kg / 182 lbs, relatively fit.

    I worry that both the board is too small (moving down from a Mal too soon) and too big (everyone on here seems to say ride it shorter than you think).

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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    No I think you will be fine with the 6'8. You are moving towards a regular short board shape and a 6'8 has to be more HP than any Mini Mal I have seen....thats all it.


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      Yeah it'll serve as a good transitional board but you may find yourself wanting to down size at some point as you get more and more confident/surf more often.


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        I'm more at 'reserves' skill level than the other two and have been looking for a transition down board myself.

        For a second hand board its probably worth taking the chance on the Dom; but moving from a mini mal (I assume 706-8ft) to a pretty short and differently shaped board when you are new to surfing and dont do it very often - you are probably going to struggle for a year or more (ie it will take you 15+ surfs to make the transition). You may pick it up more quickly but you may not. Its not just about volume, its also the stability of the board (smaller, narrower) and possibly having to change your pop up technique (you probably cant use your toes on a 608), its got a bigger rocker than you mal, it will require a different turning technique etc.

        That said, if you want to do it then you have to take the chance at some stage.

        So I doubt the board is too big by any means.

        If you werent buying second hand I would actually suggest the (bigger volumed) Addvance instead. Well, not my opinion really - I am close to your skill level, although probably surf more often, and people recommended the (610 or 702) Addvance to me and I have yet to find a reason to disagree. Well, I havent bought the Addvance yet, it being the middle of winter and me not living at the coast and all that. But - in theory it seems the right board.

        edit: actually, probably it depends on the length of your current board - if over 8ft then the jump may be too much; if under 7ft6, then maybe its not too bad
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          Thanks for all your replies guys, really appreciated.

          One more thing, the board had superficial (i hope) damage that I have before/after pictures for.

          There is one small dark area on the rail, could this be wood stain or water ingress do you think? It's right by where the repair was so seems to be ingress, if it is, will it have any impact on the board?





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            Hard to say Rich. I have a couple of boards that have darker balsa marks like that and I have owned them since new so no dings or ingress. But..I have had dings that result in stains like that. I wouldnt be too worried if the water was restricted to the rail and was dried out properly but...if the blank soaked water and it wasnt properly dried..I wouldnt touch it. One down side of FW's is that they can take ages to dry and I think most people dont have the patience to do it properly ..particularly if they only have one board..bit of a risk but I guess you either take it or buy a new one..


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              Thanks for your reply. It seems to be too much of a coincidence to be a grain just by the damage (and there's no dark grain anywhere else on the board)

              Hmm, it's not cheap either, seems like I might have to leave it, gutted as really wanted it.