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  • Right Size Dominator?

    I'm looking for a little help in selecting the right size dominator for me. I'm 6'1", 195 lbs, and 25 years old. I've only been surfing a few months, but the people I surf with say I look like someone who has surfed for over a year and categorize me as an intermediate surfer. I have no problems catching waves or taking off late, I can move down the line, turn, make cutbacks, and make my way around closed out sections of a wave. I'm currently riding a poly fish measuring 6'8"x23x3 and I'm looking at the 6'6" and 6'4" dominator. I'm want something shorter with more curve in the tail to free up the board so I chose the dominator. Also, I'm lucky enough to be able to surf 5 days a week so I would like something that will help me to continue to progress and still be fun in small mushy conditions. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    6'4" should be fine given your frequency of surfing. Good luck.


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      i would even think about a 6'2!

      im 6'5 and weigh approx. 200pds...90-93kgs and i just got me a 6'4 2 weeks ago. only surfed it 3-4times,but in a wide array of conditions. small and fat,clean and over head and im extremely pleased with it. best board ive ever ridden. im also an intermediate...same as you. i could surf a 6'2 from the volume but i didnt want to go too short as ive only surfed longboards and guns before(smallest was a 6.8)... never know if a 6.2 is too small:P

      it all depends on what you want. the 6.4 will float you loads, the 6.2 just as good... i gues if your surfing so much and have learned so well, id definately jump for the 6.2. get a set of SF4s quad and youll love it....