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Modifying fin set-up

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  • Modifying fin set-up

    Hi all.
    I am considering on replacing the center future box to a single fin box on my TT creeper.

    Has anyone ever tried doing it (in any board/fin set-up)?

    What should I consider? (board strength, fin-box strength, etc...)

    Thank you

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    Oh of curiosity, did you ever go through with this? I'm contemplating the same.


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      Did not do it, decided to sell the board and buy a single fin...
      Didn't want to take my chances with it. Still waiting for firewire to build the creeper with single fin construction and don't have high hopes because I saw new single fin from machado coming out soon.


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        It is done :-)
        Surf report on Saturday
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          Wow. How did you do it ? Looks great ...


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            I gave it to a local shaper, he did a great job.

            We had some clean swell and the board is so much fun as a single fin. it is fast and easy to turn (of the back foot). it holds a high line great and have the characteristics of a single fin. I was concerned that it will lose its speed and maneuverability but it isn't the case and from a few days of surfing, it is my favorite set up for this board.
            will try it as single with side bites when the swell picks.