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  • Chubby as an All Rounder

    Needing some inspiration, appreciate help...
    Going through one of those spells, feet never in the right spot unless conditions are perfect.
    Selling off all my performance boards (MB, Flexfire, Taj) and looking for a fun all rounder for a while.

    Think I want a Chubby Cheddar - fun fast square tail with some performance built into the bottom design?

    Unfortunately no one stocks Cheddars larger than 5-11 around here.
    I live in SW Oz and no shortage of quality waves.

    Anyone have experience with 6-1 or 6-2 sizes??
    Are they an all rounder option or only for small/fatter waves?

    How chunky are these boards, are the rails boxy like a dominator??

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    How much do you weigh, Fabio?

    I'm 80kg and surf in a 5.4mm + boots/hood/gloves.... and I'm really glad I didn't go any bigger than 5'11, I think I could easily surf a 5'10 as well. The CC feels like it's got more volume than the specified 30.9L, might be the slightly domed deck and the chunky rails (but more refined than the Dominator) . The good thing though is that the tail is a bit more refined.
    Only had it in the water for for a couple of short waves before I went back to the Potatonator. The board seems to catch waves fairly easy but I think it need a more decent wave than what I was surfing today. Could definitely feel the tail rocker on waves I got, so I think this board will be really fun once the waves have some shape to them. I'm planning on using the board as a allrounder for decent surf (not the barreling kind) from chest/shoulder up to 1-1.5xhead. (I really don't think I'll be needing the step-up I have, but bought it just out of curiosity)

    Anyway, my advice would be to go smaller than you think... as this board is a bit compact and chunky. Compared to my old 6'2 Alternator that had 31.3L the CC felt like it had more float despite being 0.4L less.

    But why would you sell all your performance boards if there's no shortage of quality waves ?
    Might sound like the HellRazor might be the one if you want an allrounder for quality waves that have a decent size and shape to it, if the MB/FF/TAJ isn't working for you.
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      Thanks Erling, appreciate comments.

      I'm around 78 kg but over 50 years young now.
      Hard to explain, tiresome of the same old boards, I'm fortunate and have ridden a lot of the models and just looking to start with a clean sheet and have some fun.

      Have ridden a mates 5-11 in non existant wind slop and it seems ok but want one for meater waves.

      A board shop told me they didnt think they could sell the sizes above 6 foot cause they were so chunky and so wont carry them...

      Reverted to the second hand market but still nothing in the 6 foot range to see - frustrating.....

      Mate has a Vangard and will grab a 5-8 when they are made in FST.


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        hey Fabio,
        How did the 511 work for you??


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          What sizes are the MB/FF/TAJ you've got ?

          BTW: daveo is riding the 6'1 and seems to like it quite a lot. you can read more here:
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            Hey Fabio I have a 6'6 cc but haven't really surfed it enough to post a ride report but first impression is good I am 105 kg and 53 yo . Point of the post is to mention that I spotted a couple of CC's yesterday in the rack at Dunsorough waves and Vidlers Cottesloe one of which was a 6' or 6'1 if that helps you. .


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              Horrible tiny windy day dodging kite surfers on a beachy when I tried the 5-11, not a great test but it paddled well but died in the slop. my dominator handled the conditions much better.
              Strong offshores with good size swell, currents and many onshore or stormy point sessions hence, reason for going a little bigger.

              Hey gpv143,
              Vidlers have 6-0 and 6-2 and Country Waves have a 5-11 (I get my gear at this shop). Mate checked out the 6-2 for me today and commented the noticable volume difference to the 6-0, filled me with doubt so didnt but it.
              If you ever see a 6-1 around i'd be keen to follow up on it.

              FF & Taj are 6-4 and sold pretty quick.
              just listing my 6-2 MB and 5-10 Dom.
              Good lead, I will try to cht with Daveo on his 6-1 experience.

              Wondering around the house with a sad face has won my wifes support for CC and Vangaurd investment.


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                The new Tomo V4 could be the new stick to spice things up. As you said above " tiresome of the same old boards, I'm fortunate and have ridden a lot of the models and just looking to start with a clean sheet and have some fun."
                I like the look of this one. Office at the front party at the back.


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                  Hi Fabio,

                  I am 86kgs, 1.85 m and 40 years. I surf the CC 6'0 and really enjoy it. I have a Dominator 6'0, but used it only once since I got the CC. I would say the CC can cover a big range of surf, and its fun. I sometimes miss the sharp rails and looseness of a high performance board, but as I get older, I'd rather pick up speed easier, set up for one or two good moves on a wave, than try to fit in 5 moves on one wave. I would rather walk away from a session with a smile and stoke, than having to impress anyone, or practice for some competition.

                  The first time I surfed the board, the waves were crappy with a strong current running. I was not very impressed, but on my next session the waves were better and I started figuring t out. I needed to get used to it, but now I'm hooked.

                  The board works in small waves, and I have had it out in double overhead and it still goes well. I just change to bigger fins if it gets bigger. Mostly I surf it with FCS M5's

                  I personally think too many surfers spend too much time grovelling on Performance Boards, instead of getting more volume under their feet and having fun !

                  Happy days ! Alfred