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CC, Unibrow and Activator compare

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  • CC, Unibrow and Activator compare

    What are your opinions on this three? Diferences, wave range, personal preference, etc...
    In my case, for a 2 board quiver (with the Minidriver).

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    I haven't seen any ride reports of the unibrow yet. I'm looking forward to it.


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      I'd say you want a smaller wave board to compliment the MD. Potatonator etc.


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        Yes. But don't want to go in the pure grovel path. As I had a SP 5'6'' and it made hard to switch from my regular board and back.


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          I'd have thought the Unibrow would have the best bottom range of the bunch and probably make for easy transitions to and from the MD.


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            Better bottom range then the activator?
            Any reviews from riding this boards?
            Thanks for all words present and future...


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              The Activator is the double flyer, swallow tail Dom right? If so of those boards it would give you the biggest range of the boards you mentioned in combination with the Mini driver.

              I reckon though the Unibrow is likely to have a pretty low, low end. For a strong surfer I doubt the Activator would offer an awful lor of extra bottom end range over a Unibrow. For a strong surfer a Unibrow/Mini Driver quiver may well be a very good two board set up even though in many senses the boards look very similar.

              I'd prefer to own a Unibrow and MD of the boards you mentioned. But I think I'd probably get an Activator to give the biggest wave range. What I would actually do though is get a Dom as it has a similar planshape to othe Mini Driver. That would be my bottom end board and the Mini driver for say chest high and above. By the time the performance limitations associated with the Dom's thick tail become evident you'd have swapped over to the MD.

              I suppose I should also say that if you are a strong surfer, say surfing in a local board riders and surfing knee/waist high waves in a true performance style then the CC/Mini Driver combination would be great.

              So, in summary;

              A. If you are a local ripper in the local boardriders and surfing pretty much every day a CC/Mini Driver combo would work great.
              B. If you are a strong surfer but not a ripper, 45 or less and surf say 3-4 days a week the Unibrow/Mini driver combo would work fine.
              C. If you surf 3 days a week or less or are over 45 the Activator (I say Dom)/Mini Driver combo is the way to go.
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                Thanks for the wise words. I'm 29, 82Kgs, 1,85mt. My MD is a 6'1''x20''x2,1/2, PU.
                I surf +- 3 times a week. Some power and fit, but not a ripper. Probably average surfer.
                I like to surf with big fins and try (as I fail a lot...) strong carves, if that helps.
                Although the unibrow cougth my atention, it isn't in the top of my choice because, like you said, its very similar (in some way) to the MD, and I would like something more pivotal in under headhight surf.


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                  What about the way they surf? Has anyone try them?