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Chubby cheddar vs dominator in bigger waves

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  • Chubby cheddar vs dominator in bigger waves

    Which board would hold more control at the upper limit of its range? A 6'4" dominator or a 6'6" cc? Looking for a board that paddles well (hybrid) can use up to double overhead. Normally ride a 6'2" sub scorcher.

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    The CC will handle better but double over is pushing it.


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      yeah i have to say that double overhead is pushing it for any hybrid, but you could likely "use" the cc in those conditions. It really depends a lot on wave steepness and how often you are getting into double overhead conditions. If you have double overhead conditions every once in a while, but are surfing in shoulder to head all the time, then yeah the CC is perfect. If you have solid surf often and want to stick with a hybrid, then i think the best option would be the Mini Driver...