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Chubby cheddar vs hell razor vs hellfire vs spitfire

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  • Chubby cheddar vs hell razor vs hellfire vs spitfire

    Looking for a step up from my groveler a 5'2 SP that works insane!

    I live in Santa Cruz Ca we have good point breaks not super hollow must of the time, lots of less than perfect days, cold water too.

    Want to push my surfing with out sacrificing to much paddle and initial speed off tithe take off and over flat spots.

    Leaning towards th CC in the 5'10 range, but also considering the other perf hybrids, feedback appreciated!

    I am advanced, 165 lbs, 43 yrs.


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    I've got to say, the CC is the one that calls out to me too. 510 is what I'd go for.


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      Mcruz, I surf mainly up in San Francisco but we make it down to Santa Cruz to see friends. You might want to consider the Sub Scorcher. I love mine down in SC. At least for me, its wide, flat nose seem to work perfect in those waves- but it still rides like a shortboard. This is all personal opinion but I found the Spitfire to be too close to my fish type boards to help me push my surfing towards normal shortboard antics (needed more rail line and less width). I also just got a Unibrow, which is soooooo sweet, but it does have less nose volume/area and more rocker than the Sub Scorcher. It's still a hybrid but at 1L more volume it feels like is has about the same paddle power as the Sub Scorcher. But the Unibrow will handle those Ocean Beach type waves much better than the Scrocher. Hope some part of this rambling helped. Cheers


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        As far as the Sub Scorcher and Chubby, I personally rode the 5'8 Sub, but would ride the 5'10 CC, the 5'9 if I lived somewhere warm. I think if you're going to be using it in bigger or decent waves then being able to ride it a little longer will be a plus. The 510 Sub felt a bit chunky to me, the reduced width on the CC in the same length sounds good.
        That combined with the bottom contours should make it a fun and lively board.
        If you prefer the feel of a straight single concave the Sub could be a better choice.


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          Hi spjones,
          I'm looking at getting either a 60 unibrow or 60 sub S as my chest to 1.5x overhead board to sit between my Dom and alt.
          How would you compare the way they ride as you seem to be the only guy out there with both.
          Lots of people on here have talked about straighter rail line and how it surfs. I'm know both these boards will work well but I'm interested in how the straighter rail line and squash of the sub compares to the longer rail line and pulled in thumb/pin on the unibrow.
          When would you take out one over the other?
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            straighter rail line means more speed and will likely release easier.. curvy rails mean less speed and a little more control.. the curve in the rail is more then likely plenty made up more with the concaves in the unibrow.. giving it lift and a ton of speed right off the bat.


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              Thanks kdropin,
              So how will they turn?
              Will the unibrow feel slightly longer due to the longer rail line vs the sub?