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Catch-ability and top end of the Chedda?

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  • Catch-ability and top end of the Chedda?

    I realize that this board is new so there might not be a lot of experience out there yet. I'm interested in knowing how it catches waves and what size surf it can handle. I'm currently on my Dominator 90% of the time and totally spoiled with it's ability to get into waves but I have a surf trip to Nicaragua coming up in April and I need something else to take with me for the mid-range wave size spectrum. Anybody have an insights on this? Thanks.

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    2 of your three boards are round/pin tails if this is something you like why not go for a unibrow?


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      hey csarqui,
      I would say it depends a little on your current quiver and preferences. You can absolutely surf it in decent conditions, think waist to over head. I think personally, if it were overhead and barreling, i would be on more of a shortboard shape, but it would be a great pair coupled with a dominator. I think it has a lower end than a board like the Michel or the Alternator, but you could easily make do with it on a Nicaragua trip until about overhead and half i would say...


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        RobinL, yeah I'm really interested in the Unibrow. A large shipment of Unibrows and Chubbys just showed up at SurfRide here in San Diego so I went to check them out. I'm a little concerned though that it will ride like the Hellfire, which I didn't click with. Either way they had already sold the 5'10 so I didn't really get to check it out.

        They did have the Chubby 5'11 which looks really good. I need something for that mid-range wave. These thoughts only come up for me when I travel. The surf is really soft in my area and I can ride a groveler 90% of the time. And then there's the addiction, I want to ride every board out there. Especially the Firewires. Thanks for the description Chris. I'm sure I'll ponder which board to get next, for weeks to come.


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          Interesting feedback on unibrow looking and feeling like the hellfire. I also didn't get on with the Hellfire but felt it was down to the diamond tail (I much prefer the Dom to the spit too), deep double concave and not quite enough volume for me.

          Seems like we share an addiction and are pretty much looking for the same thing. I'm looking for a board for travel and for that 1 in 10 time when the surf is firing at home but not big enough for a step up.

          I use my Dom 90% of the time but am really looking for a board which is forgiving when ive been out of the water for a while but will also help me go a little more vertical with my surfing. Love the Dom but feel like I could do with a little more snappiness in my surfing.

          Interested to hear chris's thoughts on whether the unibrow surfs like the hellfire.

          No unibrow or chubby here in the UK until march so great to hear your thoughts on how they look in the flesh.


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            We are in the exact same boat.

            I went to "other" SurfRide store yesterday and checked out the 5'10 Unibrow. The bottom tail section looks exactly like the Hellfire to me, just round instead of diamond shaped. It's looks like a significant double concave. I don't think it'll work for me because I am a very front footed surfer and I caught rail on the Hellfire constantly.


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              V interesting.
              I used to be very front footed but the Dom has balanced my stance a little.
              El Fuego diamond was billed as the board for front footed surfers and I think Chris said the CC is like a blend between the alt and the El Fuego.

              I love the stealth for its higher tail rocker but still feel like it fits a similar niche as my Dom due to the thickness/width of the tail in the volume I need for the board overall. CC has quite a high tail rocker and is more refined in the tail so now leaning towards the CC rather than the unibrow.

              I feel like frontside my surfing has progressed so much on the Dom but I'm struggle to get any where near vertical on my backside with it or the stealth. I know this is technique too but i used to surf better on my backside on poly boards 4 years ago. So I'm looking for a board that paddles well but which is a little more refined in the tail to help me progress in a more balanced way.


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                I'll try to help you guys out since I live in san diego and likely surf similar waves. I had a dom for 2 years and surfed it in everything from waist high mush to doh bali. Granted that was not the ideal board for all conditions, but I felt like it could handle just about anything with the right fins and loved it for its versatility. However, i felt that the thick tail and pretty wide rails were great for catching waves but really limited the agility/ performance for me in better surf. I wanted something I could turn harder, get a little more vertical, and transfer speed through turns a bit better, while still being able to catch waves easily and handle a variety of conditions. I was going to buy an HF or spit but then I saw the chedda on the web. Glad I waited. I was lucky thanks to the guys at Clairemont Surf, and scored a ched in mid December. It's everything I wanted. It's not as much a groveller as the dom but it does still get into backed off waves very well. The biggest bonus has been the performance in decent to good surf. Much tighter arcs, great maneuverability.. surfable range is waist to doh. I would rather have a true groveller until it hits chest high ( potatonator perhaps) but I have yet to max out on the high end. Still very solid hold and control in head + blacks and head 1/2 reef (ea techflex).

                But, If I just wanted a board to compliment my dominator for good, fast, hollow waves like Nicaragua should offer, I might be eyeing the mini driver or f1. If I want a daily so cal driver to replace a dominator and give me a sharper edge and higher performance ceiling. Chedda it is. Hope that helps somebody.


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                  That is great advice thank you daveo. Just what I needed.
                  I've got my Alt for when it gets bigger and better so I am definately leaning towards the CC in 61 but still potentially interested in a 60 Sub.

                  Has anyone out there upgraded from a Sub to a CC and can draw a comparison?


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                    Well, that's exactly what I wanted to hear daveo. I've owned both the Mini Driver and F1. Neither worked well for me. I think I've grown to expect some grovel-ability in every board that I own. I really like hearing that it paddles in well and has a decent top end. If you don't mind, what is your weight and board dims? Thanks.


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                      Im 6'3 and 175-180lbs. I got the 6'1 chedda 33.1L and it feels like the perfect size for me. I would recommend the 510 or 511 for you based on what else your using.


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                        daveo: what size was the dominator you had, and did you feel that it had the right volume for you?


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                          I had a 600 dominator. If I was to get a new one I would go 510 for sure. The 600 sure made groveling and catching waves ridiculously easy and still surfed very well, but im sure the 510 would be my more optimal volume for performance. That's why I volumed down to the 601CC. By no means am I bashing the dom. It is a sick board. One of my favorites ever. I just wanted a squash tail back under my feet and so far the cc has only made me smile.


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                            I have had the C.C for about a month. I have surfed it from knee to double overhead and it goes sick. A one board quiver for sure! I had a Hellfire before and loved that but this board goes as well in top end as the Hellfire but much better in the bottom end stuff. I have the 5'11 and at 80kg it seems perfect :)


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                              Paulnunn: sounds perfect!! :D
                              I'm 80kg and was aiming for the 5'11 as well. Where do you use it and do you use 6mm full wintergear or boardshorts? Not a huge difference between 5'11 and 6' , did you have a look at both before you decided ?
                              And what fins are you using ?

                              at the board comes with FCS PC3 fins.... seems a bit small for someone around 80kg. Should this board be surfed with smaller fins than normal?
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