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Baked or sweet for long island surf?

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  • Baked or sweet for long island surf?

    I live on long island and looking for a board to get me thru the summer mushy slow waves. Trying to decide on either SP or BP and nail down the best size for me. I'm 5'7" 150. I want something that will catch a lot of waves but still be fairly rippable. I'm new to the FireWire line, been reading a lot about them recently and wanted to gets some feedback from folks who ride them.

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    Are you a seasoned rider?.
    I would go for the baked potato, for your weight maybe I'd be looking around 5'2" if length is not an issue for you, but the 5'4" will make you catch a bit more waves for sure


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      thanks, thats along the lines of what i was thinking. yeah, im pretty a pretty seasoned rider, been surfing for 10 yrs or so (32yrs old). live right on the beach so i go as often as i can.


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        so the baked runs in odd increments, 5'1" 5'3". Using the volume calc, its got me around 28ltrs, which lands me closest to the 5'1". if i went for the 5'3" to more waves, do you think the added volume would significantly affect performance?


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          I'm 84Kgs and ride a 5'2" potato.
          The things with these boards is that they pack heaps of volume in such reduced length that some times people tend to go too small defeating the purpose of it, which is to surf the small stuff.
          At 5'7", maybe the 5'1" might bit a bit short for the small stuff
          The 5'2" potato I have is pretty skatey already so I would think you'll like the 5'3" and you'll be able to go on the small stuff
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