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5,6 sweet potato vs 5,7 baked

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  • 5,6 sweet potato vs 5,7 baked

    Im currently riding a 5,6 SP and loving it . I want to get a Baked BP either a 5,5 or a 5,7.
    My question is , is the 5,7 BP more lively and vertical than the 5,6 SP?
    I am 42 years old inter/advanced 83kg.
    I got the 5,6 over the 5,4 SP because the wave that I ride this board on is a soft right point break with fast and slow sections that can be difficult to connect right though so I have been riding higher volume boards that drive fast down the line and can connect sections more easily. I find that the 5,6 SP is plenty loose enough for me but is getting past the upper end of what is recommended on the volume calculator with the 5,7 BP being a little more again. My concern on the 5,5 BP is that it might not have the drive I need but the volume at 36 litres looks good.

    Looking forward to some feedback

    Cheers Russ

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    Hey Russ,
    If you maxed yourself out with the 506, i think you would be completely within your functional volume range to go with the 505. That would be my suggestion at your weight. Plus you have had time to get used to that style of board so i think the 505 will actually open up your surfing a little bit further.

    That would due the route I went down.