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Baked Potato vs. Sweet Potato

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  • Baked Potato vs. Sweet Potato

    Just got my hands on a BP. I've had it out in the water four times and here are my thoughts on the comparisons between the baked and sweet spuds. I found that the SP ran great once it got going but I had a lot of difficulty getting it into waves. I thought the new design of the Baked would help with the initial takeoff and it turns out it does; tremendously. Waves that would have rolled by me on the SP I am able to easily catch now. The BP is very fast just like the SP. I havn't found a huge difference in manuverability between the boards yet (I've only had it out for a week) but I think the BP is holding better on the shoulder. Also, I noticed that sometimes the SP would 'slide' when turning. The BP so far seems to lock into waves nicely. BP is also slightly easier to push under waves and paddles much better that the SP. I actually think I can paddle this thing about 1.5Xs what I could move the SP.

    These are just my opinions. I'm sure others are able to get their SP into waves easily and paddle it well but I had struggles. I was hesitant in getting the BP based on my SP experience but decided to give it a try. I'm stoked that I did. For me the BP is now my perfect summer/small wave board and gives me everything I got with the SP but with faster paddling and easier entry into waves (which helps when competing for waves at crowded spots). Worth every penny and then some.


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    how is it better paddling than sp if more pulled in nose and tail and less volume on rails. is it cause its wider?


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      hey super freak. Did you go one inch up or down from your SP?


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        Kind of a long story. Last year I had 3 sweet potatos of various sizes. My philosophy has always been get the most volume possible. So I started with a 604 SP. The float was amazing but I couldn't turn well or duck waves. Next I got a 504. Way to small for me. Then I went to a 508SP. It was great once riding but really hard to get into waves. I talked with Chris and decided that I needed a 6' SP. So when I saw the baked I matched volumes and got the 601. So, DGR, to answer your question. I went up an inch from where I should have been on the sweet potato.

        -Daven- I don't know why it drops into waves better than the SP. My guess is the tail (because it feels a lot like my spitfire). All i know is I was easily able to get into waves that I would have missed on the sweet spud.

        My conclusion - The baked is a Sweet Potato on roids

        601 baked potato - 604 Spitfire


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          Thanks for the comparison Superfreak, I'm guessing there are plenty of SP owners who wondering how the Baked Potato goes.

          I'm actually really interested to see if anyone has a comparison between the Baked Potato and the Potatonaor? I kinda have been thinking as both of them as a Sweet Potato on riods, and would be interested to see how different from each other they are.


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            Potatonator is meshed with Dominator. You'd prob ride it 3-5 inches longer than BP.
            BP is a SP tweaked for a little more performance so still more suited to smaller or flatter waves whereas it sound like the PN loves slightly bigger and steeper stuff.


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              Hey guys,

              I'm going to be getting my new Baked Potato here in Hawaii this coming Wednesday. I have been previous riding a 5'6" Sweet Potato, and I ordered the 5'7" Baked Potato. I LOVED the speed of my SP, but the wide tail kept it from turning sharply. I'm hoping the pulled in tail on the BP will solve this problem, while still allowing the board to plane well like the SP does. I think the BP will be a great improvement over the SP in turning ability. Once I ride it, I will report back and let you all know how it worked! Aloha~!


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                Baked Potato ARRIVED in Hawaii!!!!

                Hey Guys.. my new 5'7" Baked Potato just arrived here in Hawaii.... here are some photos for you all to drool over:
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                  Looks great!

                  How's she work compared to the Sweet?


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                    Froth!!! :)


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                      Super nice board have fun


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                        Glad you liked the photos of the Baked Potato, guys. Now for the report on the FIRST surf session on the board.

                        The first thing I noticed is that the Baked Potato will go MUCH more vertical up the face of the wave than the Sweet Potato can. I have surfed both the SP in size 5'6", and now the BP in size 5'7".... and the BP can really go straight up the wave face... whereas the SP would resist doing that due to the wide tail. Since Firewire pulled in the tail and the nose on the BP it really helped in this regard. I will give another report on the board as soon as I get a chance to surf it again. I was only able to catch about 5 waves on the first session due to high winds and choppy surf...... but my first impression of the board is very favorable... even in less than desirable conditions. Stay tuned for part 2 in my review of the Baked Potato!!


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                          Sweet Potato vs. Baked Potato

                          Originally posted by A.Vern View Post
                          Looks great!

                          How's she work compared to the Sweet?
                          I just got a chance today to have my second session on the 5'7" Baked Potato. Here are my impressions:

                          The 5'7" Baked Potato is not quite as fast as the 5'6" Sweet Potato that I had ridden extensively in the past. This is not surprising, as the planing surface area on the BP is quite a bit less than the SP in these given sizes. The only time this was a real issue with the BP was on the smaller spectrum of waves. Anytime I caught a wave with sufficient juice..... the BP would still fly. But I found it took a little bit better wave to get the BP up and flying, at least for my weight and height, which is 6 foot and 195 pounds.

                          Here is the GOOD part though.... the Baked Potato was FAR more loose and easy to turn sharply than the Sweet Potato. I could do turns on the BP that were just not possible on the SP. So the trade-off in slightly less speed, was more than compensated for by the increased manueverability of the Baked Potato.


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                            I'm looking to get one of the potato's. either the baked potato, sweet potato, or the potato-nator. im looking for a board thats good for smaller surf but something that can also handle head high waves. sounds like the potato-nator might be the better way to go but im just looking to get some outside opinions on the matter.


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                              yeah PN