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  • Sizing from Baked to Chumlee

    Hi all,

    I tried to find a topic on this , but failed after some search in the forum.

    My groveller is currentyl a 5.11 BP. I really like it the sizing and volume, it is quite perfect for my height and level. I would like to investigate the chumlee, but was wondering which size would fit the same impression. I like the volume of the BP to catch very small wave, but is a bit suspicious about using the 6'5 chumlee to reach the same volume.

    Any clue on which size I should be riding the chumlee?

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    I ride both 5'9" and 5'11" Baked and have had a 5'8" and 5'10 Sweet and I would go for a 6'1" or 6'3" Chumlee mate. I went for the 6'1" and stoked with it the extra rail length and design means it paddles great. Deffo don't need a 6'5" Have a read of my review on the Chumlee post and give me a shout if you ave any questions. Cheers.


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      Thanks, if you say that at the same volume the chumlee is a better wave catcher, i guess the 6'3 is the good call for me to get the same ability as the 5.11 BP. I ride the 5.11 BP but not lower size.



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        Yeah mate I would definitely go the 6'3" think the 6'5" Would be too much board and very long for this type of board unless your really tall. If you were happy to sacrifice just a little more volume (2 Litres) even the 6'1" could be worth a look. I'm stoked with mine. I find the 5'11" Baked is too much volume crammed into that stubby shape whereas it's not a problem in the 5'10" Sweet Potato at the simmilar volume. The 5'9" Baked at 43 Litres is just a bit short and less stable to really really grovel and magic as they are all Potatos slide out when the waves get a bit bigger or more punchy. With the extra length the Chumlee it's fairly stable but still has a nice sharp rail and once your over teh 6 foot mark and still have flat rocker adn god surface area I think boards just have a lot more forward momentum and trim in general so you can drop a couple of litres. Basically the Chumlee is amazing so far... I have been riding it in everything from clean head high to marginal slow crumbly stuff and i'm loving it. It won't grovel quite as well as the baked but it's only a marginal difference and to be honest once you can't ride the Chum you really need to be looking at a log anyways...It's got a lot more grip and confidence than the baked too so you will probably be able to ride the Chum in a foot or two bigger waves than you would take the baked out in. For me being an average at best rider in average waves it's really a waist to head high all rounder. I also found in the 5'11" baked it needs a lot more fin than the 5'9" and the Chumlee will be even less fin sensitive the way the rails and thickness are.. Still ideally a decent sized fairly upright rears are good but I found the 5'11" really needed the full on controllers and I dont really like riding those for turning there fine for down the line clean waves but I much prefer my Rainbows Canard quads which work in the sweet potato and the smaller baked.. Hope that all helps and hope you love your chumlee as much as I do. It's just as exciting as when I first got my sweet potato all those years back and then when the Baked came out. The Chumlee is a keeper for sure and is definitely the best of everything Dan the Man has produced for smaller waves over the years. Thanks.

        Full review here:
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          I'm a 6'5", 220lb intermediate surfer who is in love with his 5'11" 47.3L Baked Potato for its ability to do "performance grovelling" around Santa Cruz, CA. However, I'm looking hard at the Chumlee as a marginal step up. I'm torn between the 6'1" 42L and the 6'3" 44L versions. As context, I picked up 5'10" 39.3L Evo on Craigslist, and really like it for mid- to large sized waves. However, it had been through several owners and was pretty beat up when I got it, so I bought a new one at 5'11" 41.3L (at 48, I'm not getting any younger)... and hated it (I'm going to sell it). The extra volume makes it feel unwieldy, and I find I get hung up in the lip on take offs far more in the 5'11" than I do on my trust 5'10". Thus, I'm leaning toward the smaller version of the Chumlee. However, the other side of my brain says that for a groveller it is seldom a bad thing to have more foam. Thoughts? I'm also curious as to how the Chumlee rides differently that the BP, given that they are supposedly both designed for 1-4ft waves. Since I have a BP already, do I really need a Chumlee?

          Below is a breakdown of my quiver by volume:

          TimberTek Baked Potato - 5'11" (47.3L)
          FST Unibrow - 6'8" (42.1L)
          LFT EVo - 5'11" (41.3L)
          FST Unibrow - 6'6" (40.4L)
          LFT Evo - 5'10" (39.3L)
          LFT Vanguard - 5'11" (39.4L)
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            Hey buddy that's a tough one but the good news is you can't go wrong either way. Have a read of the response above but personally I would go For the 6'3" if you want to growel with it but bear in mind the 6'1" will still paddle better than either of the evos I think if that helps your decision. I had the 5'11" evo and didnt get on with it too but the chumlee is totally different way More refined in the rail. I don't think the evos upscale that great persobally. I actually have had the 5'9" and 5'11" baked and love the 5'9" not the 5'11" as that felt like too much volume and a mate has just come down in size and also much prefers the 5'9" too. For the chumlee though it a very slight rise in volume to the 6'3" so unless your short like me I would probably go that way. The rail Is so refined and it rides so well it's not gonna turn into a pig with 2 more litres I wonder if I should have gone 6'3" myself but it's such a magic board at 6'1" for me I think the 6'3" would be pretty similar if your a decent hight. Flip side is 6'1" is magic and how much difference will the 6'3" add but it's also gonna make everything a bit easier and definitely won't be over volumed or a pig at the 6'3" size. Hope that helps and isn't confusing. The 6'1" would easily surf head high waves but doesn't go quite as well as the baked at the bottom end
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