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Baked Potato 5'5" - Too big?

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  • Baked Potato 5'5" - Too big?


    I recently bought my first board, a Baked Potato 5'5" with the Futures Controllers Quads, but am starting to wonder if I didn't go a bit too long on the dimensions of the board.

    I have surfed a 6'4" NSP fish (pretty narrow board; not really a fat fish) for a year in hollow 2-6ft close-out waves in Thailand, and 6'2"/6'4" short boards in Portugal on better waves. I surf pretty rarely right now since I live in Sweden (and since I haven't had a board until now), but would say I am pretty fit, as my work outs are aimed towards keeping my surfing fitness up.

    As for skill, I would say I am a beginner/intermediate or intermediate. I have good board control, can pump speed in a wave, do bottom turns and basic snaps both front- and backside, and read waves/be in the pocket pretty well.

    I am 5'7" tall and weigh 150 lbs, 23 years old.

    According to the Firewire Volume calculator, I should have gone with a 5'1". The people at the store I talked to who helped me choose the board talked about getting a 4' at first, with 5'5" being the maximum length for me. I went with that one because I felt I didn't want something too short. 5'5" to me sounded pretty crazy. I also thought that by choosing a slightly bigger board, it would handle a bit better in bigger surf.

    So my question is, do you think 5'5" was a right choice for me? The few times I've tried it it's amazing and feels perfect, but I want to be able to progress with the board as well. It's on the higher end of my volume range, but still within the limit. Will this limit me somehow?
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    From my humble experience I would say (1) that a board that feels good usually is good, and (2) that you will know when you start to grow out of a shape or be over volumed as surfing will then start feeling boring or slow or limiting. A truly missized board feels wrong from the start


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      Tjena Heders

      First the recommendation for the BP and SP are to buy them in the higher range of your volume range so that seems to be correct. I have a 5'5" BP in timbertech myself. Im 77 kg and have surfed for over 10 years. I use it when the waves are poor, as they often are here in Scandinavia. It gives me the ability to get proper turns and fun surf in conditions almost unsurfable.
      I think you are spot on on the size. as you progress you might like to get another board for the better days and for traveling. But since surfing in Sweden means thick wetsuits, boot, gloves and waves with limited push, you will still have plenty of ues for the BP for a long time.




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        Hey, I have just got a 5'3 and am really wishing I would've went with the 5'5 being that I'm 5'9 and like 170lbs. I've only rode it like 8 days and it's in great condition. I guess what I'm getting at is I would like to find someone who would be interested in trading board for board. I live in southeast Virginia where the waves are really poor and need some extra volume, lol! Hope to hear from you, Wyatt


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          I'd go for the 5'5". 36 litters are quite a lot. Sounds like you surf similar volumes as I do (some kg lighter but most likely a better surfer). I had the same worries when I bought mine, but I'm so glad I went for the 5'5". If it breaks I can catch it :). Sometimes I even wish it had a little less volume (not sure Id like it to be shorter though).
          Check the volume calculator in the FF website and go for the upper part of your range. That worked perfectly for me.


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            I am 5ʻ9, 180 lbs and have the 5ʻ3 BP. I love it for small hollow reef break in Hawaii, but slower, slopey waves I wished Iʻd got the 5ʻ5.


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              I really don't think there is a right or wrong choice rather just a preference. I am 5'8 140lbs and 47years old. I normally surf a 5'1 baked and as a thruster. I surf this combo to get as close a feeling to surfing a performance shortboard but in slop waves. For the most part, it works. I'm not the best surfer but good enough: (excuse the first bog)

              Recently, I got to surf my buddies 5'7 baked but as a quad. The 5'7 baked is literally like a longboard to me. When sitting, my entire body is out of the water. But the extra width and lots of extra volume helped with catching crap waves really early. The quad setup loosened the board up where my 140lbs ass was able to push the board around. To be honest, I thought it would be impossible for me to surf that thing and yet, I got some of the most fun turns on it (bog free). Under the conditions, I would never have gotten the speed, made the section, or even had the opportunity to turn my 5'1.

              So with that said, you are fine. In fact, I think the 5'7 would have been better cuz it would have forced you to work on fundamentals. Also, it would get you into more waves, less effort. If you learn to push that thing around imagine what you can do on a performance board later on. Don't be in a rush to fit the volume specs. After my 5'7 baked experience, which I have surfed twice now, I am going out and buying a 5'5 myself, which is way over my volume spec.