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Board advice as a step down from a Tomo

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  • Board advice as a step down from a Tomo

    I got a Vader and am really enjoying it. With summer around the corner, looking for something to step down to so I don't have to drag my 9'6" down to the beach when it's 1-2 ft. Was really interested in the BP, SP, PN, and RNF. Can anyone point me in the right direction. I want something that I can easily switch back and forth from the Vader, have a similar feel in small surf. Thanks!

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      Of those I'd also say PT, but there is much love in the forum for BP, too. I'll probably get myself an Evo as groveller, though I don't have small fat peeling waves in mind. For those I'd look at a PT or BP or give not spitfire another try.


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        Hey guys, i did a fair bit of reading today on the BP forum, from way back in 2012, even reading my old post demoing a 5'9 BP. At that time i was riding a 5'11 VG and a 6'6 V4 so i was a bit under impressed with the speed of the BP, it is ok, but so is a spitfire, dom , unibrow etc, they are just ok boards.
        Most of what i read was very positive but there were a few who found the BP a slug, Jambo , and others who said they dont catch waves that well.
        I owned a 6'4 potatonator so i have had some experience with that type of board, i was not a fan of the big bevelled rails, but understood the reasoning behind it.
        There is 2 ways to look at riding fat slow waves, you get a big surface area longboard, paddles great, catches anything but is a bit uninspiring to ride, or you get a flat fishy type board with lowish rails and put some effort into pumping it for speed and turning it. As far as i can tell after riding Tomos there is not much that will match the MPH for speed on takeoff or fun on the wave.
        I am hoping Tomo will bring out a low rocker small wave board next year. If not i would consider a Puddle Jumper or just stick with my evo for small waves.
        Most of the guys found that the potato boards worked better in the smaller sizes, there was no wave catching advantage going for the bigger volumes.
        For you i would steer you towards a vanguard or an evo, and just accept the fact that nothing will go as well as your longboard in small fat waves.


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          What EvoManiac says is on point....
          As I didn't like my oversized VG as a groveller at all (!!!) mind you keep volume / guilt factor really low if you are after a VG. Evo is rounded so less issues there.

          As for PT: I just looked up PT dims out of curiosity , and thing is you cannot size it down toooo much IMHO coming from your target volume as planing area isn't that high in relation to volume. I'd look at 34 - 37 L in a groveller for myself. That's either a 5'10 PT with 7'9 sqft planing area - sounds right but will be 20 3/4 wide and near 37 L - or a 5'8 with less than 7'6 sqft - that's pointless in weak waves. My point is you cannot keep volume super low if your after the right planing sizes here. The almond butter takes that to the next level, as for a decent planing area above 7'8 sqft Id need the 6'0 AB and that one has incredible 38,5 L !! That's more than my 6'8 hybrid I am now selling, so really a lot for 6'0. If you don't mind foam it's surely a great path, if you want to keep it lower or narrower you must look at other shapes - or buy an EVO :).
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