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Getting Baked! Need Size Advice - 5'5 or 5'7?

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  • Getting Baked! Need Size Advice - 5'5 or 5'7?

    Hey guys, I've been wanting a baked potato for a while now and I think it's about that time. My stats: 6'0" @ 190 (86kg), with a soaked wetsuit more like 195-197 (88-89kg). I currently have a 5'10 spitfire (33.5L volume) which absolutely shreds in decent 3+ surf but I need something for everyday use.

    I initially ordered a 5'5 BP but I went out yesterday on my other 6'2 SF (38L) and was having trouble catching stuff! I couldn't believe it...granted they were 1-3 (mushy) and the bottom of the ocean is all messed up from a recent (huge) swell, so the waves are pretty weird and you definitely had to be in the right spot to catch them.

    Anyway, this gave me doubts about the sizing of the BP...should I go 5'7?
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    Ordered the 5'7"

    ^I'm pretty sure this guy weighs less than 200 and he's doing a good job tearing it up...damn I can't wait.


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      Ah! the sleepless nights, the cold sweats, the agony of waiting...almost there.

      Just a follow-up to my first post - turns out the seafloor and shape of the wave was really the issue. Just took my 5'10 SF out in 1ft newport and had no probs catching stuff, the waves had much better shape. Shoulda went quad, but I'm sure I would have rocketed down the line on a higher-volumed baked potato though. We'll see how it goes!
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        Buddy, i think the 5.7 is way too big, 5.5 max for you, i am 6.1" 180 lbs ish and ride the 5.3


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          Yeah I think so too. I ended up snagging a 5'5 locally, so when the 5'7 comes in, I'll return it. Thanks for the feedback man!


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            Just had a killer sesh on the 5'5! This thing paddles so much easier and is able to keep its speed up, was able to beat sections for some really long rides :) Turning feels nice and sharp. It really does feel like a skateboard on water!! Digging it so far...more to come


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              God this board absolutely shreds! I'm so stoked! This past week has been on the small side, yet this BP has no problem supplying rippage. I think I found the sweet spot for paddle/performance, especially since I dropped down to a 2mm suit.

              I have this baby set up with futures AM2 fronts with QD2 4.0 rears and it feels nothing short of amazing. Totally stoked on this board! After seeing how well it performs, my surf buddies want a spud haha Swell is picking up tomorrow so I'm curious to see how she handles in larger surf. I'll be bringing my SF for backup just in case.