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5' 8" Sweet Potato was too big, what size Baked?

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  • 5' 8" Sweet Potato was too big, what size Baked?


    Had a 5' 8" Sweet Potato, whilst it was fun, it felt massive, which made it a little less fun.

    I have a 6' 0" Potatonator and actually found that easier to paddle and catch waves on.

    Am considering getting a Baked Potato as my groveller, if so should I go for 5' 7" or 5' 5". Is there too much crossover with the Potatonator?

    I'm 175lbs, 5' 10", 40 years old, low end intermediate surfer.

    My quiver will be (I think)

    6' 6" Addvance, for when waves are crappy and I'm also unfit
    6' 4" Speed Dialler Fish (custom) for when waves are good
    6' 0" Potatonator not sure where this fits but enjoy it so I'll keep it
    5' 5" / 5' 7" Baked as a groveller



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    Think I asked too many questions!

    Basically based on 175lbs, 5' 10", 40 years old, low end intermediate surfer, should I be looking at 5' 5" or 5' 7" Baked Potato?


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      You def want the 5'5. I recently changed from a 5'8 SP to a 5'7 BP, i could easily have gone the 5'5 BP. I'm 6'2, 195lbs, 41 yrs, intermediate.


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        @powman. Thanks!

        How are you finding the switch? I've read that the SP is better for really small 1-2ft waves, but anything above the the BP is better.

        Be interested in your thoughts.


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          BP is a much better board, so much more responsive, can actually get some decent turns on it. For me it catches waves just as easily as the SP, but much more fun to ride, especially if the waves have some face. Don't get me wrong, the SP is great for tiny fat mushy waves, but that was all I used it for. The BP is much more versatile, and still handles the fat mushy waves.


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            5.5 tops, i'm taller and heavier at 6.1" 180ish lbs (age 37 surf most days) and ride the 5.3 could even go smaller if i wanted. Had the 5.4 SP and can say the BP is defo a more versatile board, lots more range, better to turn, for me doesnt catch like the SP did in crappy mush, but not so much that i am missing waves, i just paddle harder ;-)