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  • Baked Potato Fun Clip

    Hi guys,

    Here's a little clip from last weekend having some fun on my Baked Potato. Water was super clear, good little right hand bank, a little back-washy at times, small but with good shape & perfect board of choice (surfing was average, sorry!).

    I had the medium fcsII performer quads & for 95% of the session, i was free of a leash @goanna, @chris, @raz, @corepersonaltraining

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    That looks fun Megsy. A perfect example of where the BP comes into its own - Rippin' those little peelers up!


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      Nice waves! Thanks for sharing megsy looked like a lot of fun


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        yeeeeeeeeeew..megsy..!! owning that bank..!!! take my leggy off and i turn into a kook.(well, bigger kook).. i'd still take a vanguard out in that and see what i could find... speaking of which, replacement lft VG being sprayed right now... will it be as magic as the rapidfire..?? stay tuned..!!


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          Exactly the right board choice for those waves, nice.


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            Nice megsy, iv had a run of very similar surfs and my 501 TT BP has been lapping it up! Its such a great board for when youv got little running waves like that perfect for out the front of mine on the small days.


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              Heres my first ever gopro clip 501 BP gopro hd hero 3+ black...

              Waves were clean tiny 1ft tide was too low they got better when it filled in but sadly ran out of batteries as i forgot to charge it!!! Was more of a gopro mouth mount test than a good bit of surfing footage but thought you guys might be interested anyway!



              • core personal training
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                great clip nelson, but whats with the wetsuits ya sooks...!!!.. thats got me feeling like a trip up to the goldy.. soooooo cold here now...although the surf is amping..!!.. and solo..!!. got a mouth mount coming any day now..(and my lft vanguard)..hanging to use it.. thinking i need to con the wife into an upgrade from silver to black gopro tho..!!.. your mount store bought or home made.?? happy with it..?? you'll have to go private message and tell me how you put the clips together as i will have no clue... too old for these new fangled gadgets..!! keep the clips coming... everyone else too.. well have to start gopro threads for them...

              • megsy
                megsy commented
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                Hi Nelson, nice fun waves perfect for BP. I love how crystal clear the water is up there. The GoPro captures it perfectly.

              • Nelson GoldCoast
                Nelson GoldCoast commented
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                Yeh it's been such a great year for water clarity. Makes a change after last year with that dirty great cyclone!

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              Haha mate 20deg here in the water...

              Well and truly steamer weather!!! Mouth mount is home made got the longer of the two mounts that comes with it (j mount?!) wrapped in neoprene from old wetty and electrical tape I'm pretty pleased with it but it's a bit salty (soaks up water) and will need re taping after a few more uses... Also got floaty back door and a cord tied to wetty zip. Camera hangs down upside down so have to remember to use upside down setting.

              Il get some more footage soon... More actual (and better!!) surfing! But as a first punt im pretty pleased. Shame it died as the waves did get better and better... Typical!!!

              I used adobe premiere pro to do the editing, theres online tutorials that are pretty good... sure there is plenty more you can do and much better editing... got a load of videos from diving julian rocks (off byron bay) that im gonna do soon so will hopefully learn a bit more then (maybe some colour enhancement stuff).
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