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  • Finally Baked

    Managed to get my hands on a mint condition 501 TT BP for a great price!

    I cant wait to get out on it and will let you guys know how i go.

    So its time to get down to the nitty gritty of fins... Theres heaps of threads about this but i was hoping for advice specific to me. Im 68kg 5'8 and as i said riding the 501.

    Currently i own a pair of keel fins and a shapers darc drive mini center fin (will try this combo soon when its really small) i also have a set of machados and some vector II FAM1 450 and 460 with the thruster center and quad trailers that each came with one set (cant remember which these are just the standard whiteish plastic fins which iv aquired somehow...)

    At the moment iv put in my machado fronts and the vector II quad trailers.

    Im also looking for a flat foiled slightly bigger fin thruster set so i was thinking of triyng to get hold of a MB2 5 fin set and also the RASTA dave rastovich quad set (MB2s for when its bigger and for use in other boards, rastas for when its smaller...) would this cover me pretty well for all conditions?

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    Just got back from first surf on the new tatty.

    Beautiful winters morning here on the gold coast with 1-2ft glass rolling into light offshores on the mid rising tide, perfect to jog down to the front (broadbeach) from home :D.

    My usual bank is in great shape and the bigger waves were wedging up nicely to quite steep takeoffs and occasional barrels.

    Initially i felt like the BP was harder to paddle than my 509 chubby chedda which might be the case as the chubby is a beast to paddle and pretty big but still a couple of litres less than the 501 BP. A few compounding factors tho such as a bit of a shoulder injury and wearing my 3/2 steamer for the first time this year (winter has finally arrived! altho i actually got hot once the sun was up a bit higher!). I think having got used to it i would say that paddling around the board paddles pretty well and VERY well considering its a 501!

    Catching waves is a dream, definitely better than my CC which i can surf in pretty small conditions. The BP is very much shortboard mentality in longboard waves. I tried sitting out back and getting in super early which worked a few times but its still more of a quick spurt and takeoff than chug in like you do on a mal on these boards youre gonna accelerate/decelerate pretty fast when you start/stop paddling not glide like a mal.

    Opted to sit around where i would if i was on my chubby and it was a better tactic. Nose dived a few late take offs initially but overall i was pleased with how well it handled these, especially once i got used to how flat it is. Found it pretty easy to get my feet in the right spot straight away (back foot right back front just forward of central seems the ticket).

    Really enjoyed how it performed in steep faces (rail just locks in and you can really race the sections, i even got a cheeky shampoo coverup) then found myself projecting way out onto the shoulder and could do huge sweeping cutbacks (looking forward to really dialling in some fins!). These are blatantly a direct product of the awesome design features of this board: The deep double concave and thee thinned out rails everyone says it but you really will be surprised with the performance.

    The 501 felt WAY better than the 503 i demoed so im glad i went small. If you want to grovel any more (1ft straylian and below) then sadly youre gonna have to go the boring mal option...

    Speaking of which i cant wait to get this little nugget of joy down to 2ft low tide currumbin alley and terrorise some mal riders!!!!!!!!!

    Now all i can tihnk about is getting a couple of decent sets of fins and what im going to replace my chubby chedda with (maybe the pyzel slab ~25L).


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      I forgot to mention the speed!!!! SO FAST! Also this board looks and feels so nice in timbertek!!! Any suggestions for nice big tail pads that dont look too ugly on this beautiful board? Currently got a pretty god awful looking one on there... slightly concerned about taking it off to replace purely for aesthetics could end in tears...


      • Matt_s
        Matt_s commented
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        I found the dane channel islands pad to be the perfect fit (it's a two peice and I put them apart with about 1-2 cm gap)
        It also looks spot on with the aesthetics of the board as I thought it keeped it simple and doesn't take away from the look of the wood.

        You can get loads of colours, I went for burgundy, I just thought that looked nice with the wood. There are some pics of my first board on this thread ( ) padded up (although the pics seem to have gone elongated and stretched but maybe thats my monitor, it looks shorter and wider in real life). Bought the same tailpad for my replacement BP and stuck it straight back on, looks sweet!

        Is your board an original one where you can feel the wood grains to touch ? Or a new one that feels just like a glassed board?

        Cheers! I love my 5'3 but always wonder about that 5'1!, always the way
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      • Nelson GoldCoast
        Nelson GoldCoast commented
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        Hey Matt I was looking at a few this evening il check that one out! I think a fairly large plain pad (maybe just black?!) will go best. From riding it so far I want to be able to get my foot right back and still have the front of the pad over the front fins. I'm generally a fan of a solid kick block on the back and a nice ridge through the middle...

        Its a timbertek and has a glass finish it's totally spotless and feels very nice to the touch, tough and light. Really nice flex/rigidity feel when riding as a lot of people have said somewhere between RF and FST doesn't slap about in the waves/wind and chatter as much as RF but still a little more lively feeling than FST!

        Can't wait to get out in the run of small clean surf over the next few days!

        Going to play with fins too might even try as a twin plus darc drive nubster if it gets really small...

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      Rastas work well with this board. Red and black tail pad looks good on the Timbertek.


      • Josh BL
        Josh BL commented
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        Ya I agree with JMOside on the rastas with the baked.

      • Nelson GoldCoast
        Nelson GoldCoast commented
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        Awesome now just gotta find some on the cheap or wait for surfstitch to send me a 30% off promo code again! (i resent paying full rip off price for anything!!!)... I actually felt really locked in with my machados fronts and plastic quad trailers so hoping for a bit more release with the rastas... The timbertek and rastas are going to be a treat visually too!!!

      • Nelson GoldCoast
        Nelson GoldCoast commented
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        Funnily enough the tailpad IS black and red... It's just a bit ugly... It's a cheap rip off "SEA" one. Also it's not mine haha. I feel like putting a nice one I chose on will really make the board belong to me! This beautiful board deserves a beautiful tail pad! I'm always scared of replacing tail pads tho.......

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      Nelson, Think you can get it in black with classic red yellow and orange logo, I considered that one. It's pretty wide and big but doesn't have the arch (I'm also a fan of these but havnt noticed it missing ) My original was a glass less one and it was so light it felt like it was full of helium! My replacement is glassed and feels disappointingly heavy in comparison haha but still light enough I guess. Surfs really nicely though. Post up pics when you have it padded! Good luck


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        That's interesting but makes sense that it has added a bit of weight to the design. Hopefully worth it overall for durability etc.


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          I plan on getting Baked ASAP and I think this may be the traction I'll put on it. I'll just have to DIY a tail block.

          A Japanese friend of mine has been riding it on his Mal for a couple of years now and reckons it's really good. (Yes, he rips!)


          • aurfalien
            aurfalien commented
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            That stuff seems similar to the XM Clear Grip that I use. It too gets more tacky when wet and treating it with sand paper every now and then does wonders.

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          Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... My wax is starting loo look a little grubby already!!! Kinda dont mind that much tho and it just feels and smells right!