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Baked Potato 5'7" - Pimped and review

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  • Baked Potato 5'7" - Pimped and review

    After owning a BP 5'7" for 6 months I can say this is a great board, it's different to standard shaped boards. i'm 5'11" and weigh 72kg, my usual volume is around 32ltrs for a 6'0" standard shortboard but this is a whopping 39 ltrs at 5"7"!

    The upsides are:-

    1. initially quick to paddle & catches small waves like nothing else, i.e. weak 1ft - people look amazed with larger boards, i've had paddle battles on 2ft waves and been on the shoulder more and won to the others amazement.
    2. it has lot's of float so it doesn't get bogged down - it gives you time to get going on small waves.
    3. goes fast initially.
    4. fits in my car roofbox!
    5. I have used it upto 6ft, ok 1-4ft is best but it is doable at 6ft.
    6. The ride works best in peaky conditions.
    7. Although takeoff conditions can be fat and initial thrust goes over it due to nature of board. same goes for the ride over flat sections you wouldn't usually make.

    1. I now prefer smaller waves 2-3ft is perfect, I just enjoy it more with this board. i.e. it is very specific to certain waves I feel, so some sessions work best at certain tides. this is not an all round board.
    2. even though it's quicker to paddle initially, after 4 strokes it's no different to anything else.
    3. same goes for the ride, the initial is better and gives you more float but at a certain speed sometimes wish I was on a thinner board to get more out of it.
    4. It's a little clunky, I think if I got another I would opt for a 5'5" or maybe a 5'3" maybe more my volume + 3. i.e. 35ltrs
    5. on steeper takeoff's you have to angle it a little more, at first it caught me out and I thought I would have normally made the drop but went head first due to flatness of the board.
    6. a little more tricky to repair, couldn't get the right colour spray as it's a Japanese brilliant white.

    If you have't got one, get one... I posca'ed mine to cover my repair - pic attached, but now it get's a lot more attention as it looks great. I don't know why firewire don't spray them more artistically rather than boring white.

    Now thinking of getting a Vanguard... 5'7" or 5'5" hmmm not sure. any thoughts?

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    Cool artwork!


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      Great review and I feel the exact same way about my Baked Potato!

      Love the artwork.

      What fins you riding?


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        FCS K2.1's Quad, they slide around a little but I like that type of feel.


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          Great Artwork!


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            Same feeling with the same size, so I down sized and felt much much better. Really big fins seems to suit this board (when I'm on it anyways). It's running as a quad with MRTFX+GX-Q.

            They used to take paint requests during orders but no longer offer the service which is a bummer.


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              I might try that setup and post what I think it's like... interesting to know.