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  • Your opinion on correct size...

    I'm looking for some direction on a baked potato...what size and what technology timbertek or rapidfire?
    I'm 44 y.o., 205 lbs., inter/advanced, 6'2" good shape and surf 3-5 times a week, typically San Diego beach break.
    I currently have a sweet potato 6'0" RF and is a great board but I have lost about 20 lbs and I'm looking for more performance from the board and is holding me back and thought I would try the Baked P.
    I was locked in on the 5'11" BP but was wondering if the 5'9" would suit me more and not sure about the timbertek vs the rapidfire because I currently have and like the rapidfire.


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    Well, I do agree that the BP is more of a performer with its refined tail and nose (the SP fat butt annoyed me), I'd suggest contemplating a DA for even more performance. That is if you wanna stay potato-esque.

    While I've never surfed a DA, it looks like a good upwards path from an SP.

    I do love my BP though, a great board indeed.

    I'm sure you can test drive either before slapping down some Benjamins?
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      I have a 6'0 SP (6'4/215), if I was going to get a BP I'd get the 5'9 in TT. Are you getting rid of the SP? If not def don't go bigger than 5'9


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        Pretty sure RF has been discontinued. Not sure on the availability of LFT yet but TT is nice.

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      I was going to sell the SP when I figured out if the BP was an addition or a replacement. Also, I neglected to say the SP and BP would be for the smaller surf as I have a Dominator 6'8" and 6'10" for the bigger surf. If I understand you correctly definitely don't go bigger than a 5'9" if I'm gonna keep the SP, but if i'm gonna sell it a 5'9" or 5'11" would be good? What do you like about the TT versus the RF?


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        RF is no longer being made, and I think the TT looks awesome. I think you could grovel with that DOM, 6'8 is gigantic. I think the BP shines in slightly better/bigger surf than the SP so I'd be looking for the 5'9 for more maneuverability but you will lose some of that grovel low end no matter what with a BP (you have to ask yourself will you really even care to surf if its 2 ft and blown out?) if the answer is no get the 5'9 for more grovel get the 5'11 but I think you can grovel on that DOM its gotta be 50+ LTR.