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  • Is a BP for me?

    Hi all, 1st post. A little history, I'm 62 yo surfed for most of my life but I've been out of the water for 2 years with an injury. In the last 6 weeks I've started surfing again and I'm slowly getting my surf fitness back, I've been riding a borrowed 8'6" NSP. :( before my injury my favourite board was a 5'10" Mackie fish, I can't catch waves on it now. So I've been thinking of a BP 6'3", I can't see myself riding waves over head high again. So at 85kg average fitness would that size work for me?

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    5'7" would float you well. If you go for too much volume in shorter, high volume boards like these you'll end up with it being too corky which will make it difficult to catch waves. You'll find yourself floating up the wave face while trying to paddle into it and the energy of the wave passing underneath you. To catch waves you may find yourself having to take off when its pitching which will defeat the purpose of having a high volume board and put un-neccessary pressure on your pop up speed. Size it right and you'll be happier. As a re-hab board I think you'd be much happier on a shorter addvance for a fishy feel or potatonator if you'd like a more shortboard feel. More length with the foam distributed in a user friendly.


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      Thanks for your detailed reply cuttlefish. I think that I will try and demo a couple of different sizes and potatonator.


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        If you want fishy feel but easy entry to wave maybe try submoon in 7 foot. It is listed as 7 foot 6 being the smallest size but I have a 7 footer and I have been told it is available in 6 foot 8. I replaced a 5'9" Baked Potato as I found it difficult to catch waves - submoon does the job in small waves but is not too shabby in 3 foot either. The board paddles in like a mal but does not surf like one due to the tail set up. There are pictures on timbertek section of this forum if you want to check it out. Dimensions 7 foot x 21.5 inches x 2.75 inches and volume 42.4 litres. I am 85 kgs and 55 also ride spitfire and unibrow all 41+ litres.