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Cant descide between 6'1" and 5'11" - please Help!

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  • Cant descide between 6'1" and 5'11" - please Help!


    Just another sizing question - I can't decide between a 6'1'' or 5'11'' bp.
    I'm 40 years, 6'3'' and 220 pounds. I surf since 2001 but living in Germany I only surf on holidays for about 6-8 weeks a year. I would say I'm an intermediate surfer of average condition (--> 50-55l). I mainly surf mushy to wally type of waves up to 2 meters face. My limit is around 2.5m.

    I have a 6'0" sp and a 6'4" dom and want to sell the dom, because I almost exclusively surf the sp. I absolutely love the sp and compared to the dom it allowes me to catch almost every wave I want.
    Only downsides are that it sometimes is too fast especially in short shouldered waves and my bottom turn seems sometimes a bit drawn out. Also duck diving becomes difficult when it gets bigger.

    From a bp I expect a bit more performance in the upper wave range with more hold in steeper waves and in bottom turns. From a 5'11" I also expect easier duck diving.
    I know that a bp + sp quiver might not make a lot of sence but I love the sp and am very interested in trying the bp.

    My question now is what can I expect
    a) from a 6'1" bp
    b) from a 5'11" bp
    in comparison to my 6'0" sp in terms of wave catchability , wave range and performance.

    As I said I catch almost every wave with the sp but the calculator says 50-55l. So a 6'1" bp would be at the lower end. And I want to avoid buying a board that feels not buoyant enough to me.

    Any suggestions?
    Maybe there is somebody who has experience with two sizes next to another...

    Thanks in advance, Alex
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    I've had a 6' sp and a 5'11" rapid fire bp and now have a 5'11" timber tek bp. You'll get a similar feel out of the bp. It will surf more vertically but won't have the carry over flat sections as good as the sp. If you want a board that allows you to surf with more of a shortboard feel then its a "no brainer" for me what you should choose. Since you've got the sp you should get a potatonator. 6'4" will be great for your size, stats and considering you're comfortable on the 6' sp. I've had owned both the 6'2" and 6'4" potatonator and have also demoed the dominator 6'4" and 6'6" and sounds like the 6'4" you have is not enough volume for you. The potatonator will paddle and catch waves super well and go great in gutless or decent waves. It will have enough volume, no worries.


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      Hi cuttlefish,

      Thanks for your quick response!
      The potatonator is an option too. It's what I thought of first. But since I like the sp so much the bp attracted me more.

      So the difference between an sp and bp is not that big to justify having them both?

      As you had the bp and pn can you tell me what are the differences between them?
      Interesting would be paddling, agility, behavior in mushy and steeper waves...

      Thanks again, Alex


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        They are not so different that I would have both of them. The sweet potato has more inherent glide over flat faced, powerless waves than the baked. The baked is more agile due to its more pulled in nose and tail. The bp will work better in a good wave but its not a massive difference. They are both uber grovellers but the sp has the most bottom end in poor conditions. The slight nose rocker of the bp will help with slightly steeper drops as opposed to the wider sp's. The bp will go vertical easier. Both are sensitive to the right fins. You can use huge fins on both of these boards compared to what you would use on more normal boards. But as I said the potatonator and your sp would be a great small wave quiver. These 2 boards are what I would take whenever it was sub 3' for my local spots. The sp for high tide and the p'nator for mid-low tide.


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          The bp will paddle a little better than the sp. The p'nator will paddle a whole lot better than the sp as its a great wave catcher.


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            I've read about your thoughts in the pnator forum taking 2 sizes of the same board to suit different wave sizes.

            That's what I intended by adding a 5'11" bp to my 6'0" sp. Less volume, a pulled in nose and tail for more hold and control in bigger waves.

            I'm still torn between the bp and a 6'4"pnator. Does the shape of the pnator still work as a 6'4" as it is designed to be ridden much shorter?


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              Rest assured it still turns very well at 6'4". Its an excellent wave catcher as well. Was on my bp 5'11" yeaterday in 1-2' fat, clean waves and there was a guy gunning for the same waves with a potatonator and he was catching waves easily.


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                Btw, if the waves are hollow then the pnator has it all over the bp which is more at home in flatter faced waves. 3' and pitching before fattening out today. So it was a pnator take off and a bp face. Go figure...


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                  Though I am late to the discussion, I am about the same size so I thought I would way in. I had a quiver which included a 6.0 SP, a 6.2PN, a 6.6 Dom, and a Quadraflex for bigger, better days. I am 6.3 and weigh 210 lbs. I found the SP was way too big for me, and that the PN was good but not as good for good days as my Dom. So I sold the PN and the SP and used the money to buy a 5.11 TT Baked Potato. I prefer the BP to the SP or to to the PN with small surf. When it gets good I switch to the Dom or the Quadraflex. The three board quiver is great. The BP is the perfect balance between the Sweet and the PN. Love it! Plus it is a great looking board in wood. The BP paddles MUCH better than the larger SP, duck dives easily and catches waves better the the smaller PN.


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                    Thank you all for your advices.
                    I listened to cuttlefish and ordered a PN 6'4''. Should be here next week. Hopefully I can catch a few North Sea waves the next weeks. Otherwise I probably need to wait until spring.

                    As I already have the SP and love it I thought a PN makes more sense for a small wave quiver.
                    I think it should catch waves at least as easy as a 5'11'' BP but should perform a little bit better when the waves are good.

                    However I share your opinions of a too large potato. I guess my 6'0" is great when the waves are knee to waist but when it gets bigger the board has too much volume.