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    My thoughts and experience with 5.7 BP futures plugs. Me - 1.80m and 95kg. Waves ridden the most - 1-4 ft mediterranean beach break waves with light to moderate on-shore.
    Most of the time I rode it with Scarfini quads It gained speed quickly and when the waves had some push/wall to it I was able to do tight turns (bottom and lip of the wave). when the waves were gutless or small, I had the speed but it was hard to turn the board.
    Then I switched to twin+stabilizer. The board generated speed and it was easy to turn regardless to the the wave shape. I had some of my best turns with this set-up; bottom turns were perfect and at the lip it had very nice release with tail sliding effortlessly. they were my go-to fins with this board. I used to have 6.0 Dominator and these fins were great in it as well.
    I wanted to experiment some more with fin set-up so ordered futures controllers but in Alpha technology. they have the same controller shape but with different material that have flex.
    I usually DO NOT like flex fins. I am a heavy man and with flex fins I always felt that the wave's energy bent the fins instead of generating speed and no springy release to compensate. So why buy the controllers alpha? for the rear up-right fins. I thought on using them with the scarfini fronts or the big twin fins (MR style). BUT!! I decided trying the controllers alpha as is (all four fins) and its by far the best fin set up I surfed with the BP to date; tons of speed, much more than the other sets I tried, it pivots on a dime - top and bottom. At the first session there were 2-3 ft waves with on shore wind and fast beach break. I passed sections no one thought I would, other surfers told me they were sure that the wave will break on me. I had tons of speed and was able to utilize it to a tight bottom turn followed by top turn with tail slide and going back to accelerating on the wave to the next section.
    Needless to say that the controllers alph didn't go out of the board and will stay my go-to fins with the BP.


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      I'm your size, and ride a 5'11" BP with Rasta Quads. I could not be happier with them, and I strongly suggest you give them a try...