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Board bag for Baked Potato 55

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  • Board bag for Baked Potato 55

    Hello everybody,

    I would like to buy a surfbag for my new 55 Baked Potato:
    - I was thinking of an FCS Dayrunner or Explorer bag for daily use and short 2-3 day car trips, but would need to know what size to order, as the board is quite wide and thick.

    Also, I will need to buy another larger bag for airplane travelling : which are in your experience the best board bags available for airport handling ?

    Many thanks and best regards ,

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    I like these day bags:

    They also make it in a travel bag, which you could use as a day bag if you want to buy only one. The BP fits perfectly in both.

    Here's the travel bag:

    A 5'8" or 5'10" should be very roomy. The 5'6" would be a tight fit with fins in your board.
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      b_online ProLite makes some nice bags:
      you will most likely need a bag a few inches bigger than to the board to accomodate the fins.



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        If you're traveling on an airplane with your boards, you should take off your fins and protect the rails of your board(s) with something. I use pipe insulation and that works very well. Because you will need to pad your boards, you're going to want a little bigger of a board bag to accommodate the padded boards like hawaii_boi mentioned. I also like ProLite and Dakine bags.

        - Firewire Intern Josh


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          The pipe insulation worked really well
          Many thanks for your help guys