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I think I went too small when I ordered my BP

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  • I think I went too small when I ordered my BP

    I just got my 5'9" baked potato timber tek the other day and finally got it out this morning and I think I may have gone too short. I'm 5'10" and 215 and the board is 3" shorter, but the same volume (43 ltrs), as the next shortest board in my quiver which is a 6' Bottom Feeder. I am running the new Lost Sea Worthy controllers in the board.

    The surf was thigh to occasionally waist remnants from what was Tropical Storm Dorian a few days ago (I live in Wrightsville Beach, NC). When I caught my first thigh high left, I'm goofyfooted so this is frontside for me, and I put my weight on my backfoot to initiate my bottom turn, the board completely stalled out. I felt like the tail of the board sank and the nose was pointing skyward. I have never had this happen on any board.

    So, I'm wondering if 1) I ordered the board too small overall or too small for smaller conditions 2) I'm using the wrong fins or 3) its a combination of both.

    Any advice?


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    well I'm no expert but it seems to me that you may have gone to short, like you said. What is/are the volume(s) of your other small wave boards?


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      Maybe the 5'9" isn't too small. Don't give up yet. One inch shorter than your height should be plenty of board. On your next session, don't go to the bottom of the wave right away. Stand up fast and start pumping down the line. Go for more of a speed line rather than an off the bottom/ off the top approach. Even though the BP usually likes your back foot to be on the tail, don't focus on that. Imagine that you are on your skateboard pumping down the street. Try to stay in the upper half of the wave. The fins should be fine, but if they feel too stiff after a few sessions, try some regular quad fins. FCS?
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        I agree with pagey. You may be trying to surf it like you would a standard shortboard. All it takes is some time and adjustment to your surfing to suit this board. You haven't gone too small but may be right on the cusp.


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          What fons are you using?. Potato family like to have the back foot all the way in the back. Maybe conditions were borderline too small?


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            the 5'9 shud b dead on at ur size. u have enuff weight to pump the tail. i go w a 5'7 and am 6'0 @190lbs. just gotta cut and go. dont waste time w the bottom turn. buld speed right off the top and then set ur bottom turn up or carves or what have u. i also have a 5'9 and for me its way too big. Luke Egan Carbo Tune fronts w stretch rears as fins


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              I agree, size wise you should be fine, you might just need some time to get used to how the board works. I am 5'11 165lbs and ride a 504 PN (so much shorter than me). It always takes me a couple sessions to get accustomed to a new board, so give it some time.

              - Firewire Intern Josh


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                Thanks for the advice guys. Its been too small around here lately to get out so Ive still only had 1 time out on the BP so far. I did add a traction pad and picked up a little nubster fin to go with the lost seaworthy fins I bought for the board. Im looking forward to getting out on a waist high day.


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                  A bit late to the game here but thats a huge amount of float you've got. I'm 6'1" on a 5'5" BP and I absolutely love it. And bro, my surfing sux! At any rate perhaps its foot placement as well. The board is a back footed type of deal and I'm goofy footed meaning that I drive off my front a lot. At any rate that thing should catch a ripple.