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Expanding from 508 Spitfire to 501or3 Baked Potato and 508or10 Hellfire

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  • Expanding from 508 Spitfire to 501or3 Baked Potato and 508or10 Hellfire

    Hello everyone,

    Got a lot of useful info on the forum a while ago looking at firewire boards and ended up buying a 2nd hand 508 spitfire which i LOVE. It grovels great and still turns well etc and goes good on bigger waves... My current issue is that its a bit of a jack of all trades king of none (well thats a lie it excels in the mid range). So i was going to expand and after my experience with this board i think its got to be more firewires...

    I surf southern queensland and northern new south wales, mostly on the goldy. I think this is another factor after a few big swells recently the 508 spit felt a bit too buoyant and chunky in the hollow GC surf... Scary duckdives, sketchy drop ins and more than one occasion of going well and truly over the falls!

    I am 24, around 70kgs maybe a little less, 5'7 (fairly stocky) strong and fit. Id say im a beginner/intermediate, i am happy to go out in anythign that i can get out in and give it a crack, get into waves pretty good, paddle fairly strong and get lots of turns in with the occasional cutback on a good day...

    So i was thinking 501 or 503 Baked Potato and a 508 or 510 hellfire...

    If anyone could give any advice on sizing and if they think that these would be good board choices (id sell the spitfire) that would be awesome! I suppose the plan would be to eventually get something really refined and high performance as a final addition... In the mean time i hope a hellfire would be happy on the overhead days and hopefully help me get inside a few dredging barrels...



    ps i have posted with in both baked potato and hellfire forums hope thats ok

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    I'm about your weight + height, have a 5'2 sp but just put a deposit down on a 5'1 timber tek BP. 32 odd litres defintley works at around 70 but id say it feels fairly corky, I'm hoping I'm making the right decision downsizing, check out megsys video of his 5'1 in action at sunshine beach it's in one of the newer threads


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      Hey Nelson,

      If those are the 2 boards you are after, then definitely got 501 and 508. I am a little bigger than you and I ride the 503 and the 510 respectively. From what I have read in your post, those would be the best options.



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        Thanks for your thoughts boys, i was starting to think that 501 and 508 would be the way to go with these two boards, im still open to other suggestions but thought these two models would be the best for me from what iv read... I suppose my 508 spitfire feels a bit corky often so thats a clear sign really but i dont wanna undershoot on volume either!

        Matt id love to hear how you compare the SP and BP.


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          Just wateched the video that thing goes pretty good! Anyone know migsys dimensions?


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            Nelson. I'm waiting for my 5'1 BP to be delivered in techno grain/timber tek. It's not arriving in the uk for a good few months yet I'm afraid. Megsy has one already in aus so you might be more lucky than me if u want 1 now.

            Megsy is 70kg and 5'9 so its worth reading his posts. He's compared it against his 5'2 sp for me in one of them. (5'2 sp has same vol as 5'3bp)

            I really think that the 501 and 508 are the right volumes for you. Iv surfed my 5'2 sp for two years now, its one of the funniest boards iv ever surfed. So fast and so short it's a real kick. However I do feel I have outgrown the size now, I could make do with it I'm sure but I really think 501 BP will be he correct size in the end, its still a fair bit of volume for someone at 70kg and very much in line with what most others ride theirs at compared to how much they weigh and how tall they are.

            Iv been riding a 506 and 509 Dom and ef in the 28.3-28.6 ltr range. I'm also looking for a higher performance board and almost bought a hellfire. At the moment I'm leaning towards a 5'9 chubby chedda as I really like the look of it, although I don't think it will rip the more bigger powerful waves quite as well as the hf I like the fact it's a little longer and narrower per similar volume. You could also look at the hell razor on a 5'11 or unibrow 5'8/5'9 ? There are too many options sometimes. By the many reviews iv read on the hel fire I think you will be very pleased with it if something else doesn't catch your eye before you buy it.


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              Thanks for the reply matt,

              Im from the uk originally, norfolk so not the best surf in the world haha! The gold coast is quite something in comparison but its just a LITTLE more crowded............

              I think i would go 501 and 508 hellfire for sure from what everyone has said. I thought about the hellrazor too but a lot of people seem to think that altho its more hybridy and chunkier the hellfire actually copes better under pressure... i dunno people just seem to froth about this board and i suppose in the long run id get something to top off the upper end but these 2 will be a wicked foundation for a 3 board quiver!

              Now just gotta justify the spend (more to my gf than myself haha)



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                Nice one, I'm considering applying for a permanent residency visa for aus myself. Iv got enough points to qualify. This long uk winter has made me think about aus again (did the working holiday visa about half a decade back).
                I'm not sure about the hellfire handling bigger waves then hellrazor i think they probably handle a similar range but if I'm right it just comes down to how you like your board to feel. I think the hellfire is more hybrid style but able to handle big waves whereas the razor is more hp shortboard in performance with a slightly longer rail in the water. Having said that I havnt surfed either (just spent far too long reading posts!) I agree though the hellfire sounds like a ripper and the perfect choice comin from a spitfire!